Colour Of Heidi Montag's New '08 City

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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you guys coluld help me decipher what color Heidi Montag's '08 Bal City is? Some say Turquoise and others say Sky blue, but when I went on the reference color list it didn't really look like either of them..what do you guys think?
  2. Turquoise i think!
  3. pretty sure it's turq too, the lacing looks green to me.

  4. Looks Turq to me too!
  5. Another vote that it is turquoise!
  6. It is definitely Turquoise!
  7. I think it is turquoise too, because the fabric on the zipper is lighter in color than the leather ;)
  8. I really think it's turquoise as well. Looks nice though!!
  9. Turq. SB is so much lighter
  10. I just got my new Turquie today and it looks exactly like hers shade wise. The color whip stitching on the handles gives it away.
  11. For me its so hard to tell because in photos the skye looks turquoise.