Colour of Berry Venetia I ordered from Nordstrom, Pics!

  1. :yes: [​IMG]I managed to buy a berry venetia from Nordstrom $500, it is berry, I am paranoid that I will end up getting sent brown or something! Anyway I am unsure of the colour as two pfers posted pics of these bags as berry, the first pic the stella is berry and it is a totally different colour to the berry venetia in the second pic, I thought the venetia in the first pic was berry but that is maroon. Which is it most like? Does anyone have pics of berry? Thanks
  2. [​IMG]
  3. think the second photo is the berry you got.
  4. the venetia in the first pic looks more purple. i think the second one is berry. now you make me regret gettingi the multipocket instead of the venetia lol
  5. Gorgeous Berry bag!
  6. This is the berry venetia I got. It's sort-of like a deep fuschia. I absolutely love it. IMO, it's not too bright, nor too dark...great spring color.
  7. It's a berry nice color ;)
  8. The Venetia on the first pic is indeed maroon and if you want to know what berry looks like, I believe the first picture of the Stella is the berry color. I used to have an anouck with the same color. The Venetia on the second picture, it's called dark berry. I was confused too for a little bit but I got it confirmed from the link below and then if you turn to page 3, you will see that thithi made a correction for the color
  9. So does that mean mine is going to be dark berry or berry? The sa said it was like a fuschia colour and it was called berry I guess it should be the same as Mahal's as it's from Nordstrom too!
  10. I very recently got a berry venetia from a Nordstrom Rack store. I'm assuming that yours will be just like mine. In that case, it's not light pink, but a darker, bluer pink as in the latter picture.
  11. Your bag is definitely dark berry. I guess since they both using 'berry' most people get confused with this.
  12. awesome! Can't wait, I'm just worried something will go wrong! Will it be the original sized Venetia? I have never seen one IRL is it s nice size? Can you fir it on your shoulder? Does the leather soften?
  13. My venetia leather is pretty slouchy and soft. It's a pretty roomy bag. I haven't got a chance to take the measurement yet. If you want to, I can definitely do it tonight. It's a very 'dress up' bag. I love it alot. It's definitely a must have in your MJ collection. If your arm small enough, you can put this on your shoulder but I usually carry it as a handbag or put it on my forearm.
  14. I will probably carry it or put it in the crook of my arm as I haven't been blessed with skinny arms! I really hope I like the colour IRL! Is the venetia bigger than the blake? The bag was $995 new but on nm's site the blake is $1100 and I thought the Venetia was more? Or was it cheaper because it is an older bag? Sorry for all the questions! If you could measure yours that would be great!
  15. The Blake might be a little bit more expensive due to new changes of the bag or it could be just price increase. I don't know for sure. I would say they might have the same capacity but the thing is, blake has 3 compartments so it can be looked bulky if you put a lot of stuff in each compartments. The Venetia only has one big compartment so it definitely looks more roomy and easier to storage bigger stuff like a cardigans or books. I will post the measurement tonight!

    Don't worry about asking too many questions. That's what this forum is for! ;)