Colour dilemma -- Black or Bleu Glacier for a First?

  1. Help -- I'm planning to buy a First but can't decide between black or bleu glacier. I love the lack of green in the bleu glacier and that it's the colour of well-worn jeans but it doesn't seem to be very popular. At least not among PFers? :wondering Will bleu glacier have longevity, like lovely aqua, cornflower, etc.?

    As for black, I know it will always be a classic but maybe a bit boring especially since I'm getting a City in anthracite (next week!). Too similar, too safe? :confused1:

    Looking forward to your advice.
  2. since u are getting an anthracite soon.. i think go for the blue glacier for the first, it a nice blue to go with jeans i guess.. good luck sweetie!
  3. Blue Glaier is pretty veiny though
  4. Blue Glaier is soo nice!
  5. I know a lot of people aren't very fond of blue glacier because of the veins but in a first i think it would look great!
  6. I saw a beautiful blue on a Balenciaga bag at Neiman's and when I asked about the color the said it was Bleu Glacier.
  7. i understand your dilemma.
    I bought a BG first because it's a soft, true blue you can wear with anything.
    It's not a very popular color because it's not a vibrant one. What a pity ! :crybaby:But it is gorgeous blue !:yahoo: i'm really crazy about this color. So, i'll tell you : Go for it !!!
    You won't regret.
  8. Black !!!
  9. I love my Black First and have never regretted buying it.
    It is always a classic!!
  10. I will still go for black's a must to at least own one black bbag....u will not regret!! hehehehe
  11. Go with Blue Glacier, it really is a lovely blue, not very vibrant, but maybe that's not what you are going for anyway! I am sure that non-veiny ones exist, you just may have to search for one and ask PFers to keep an eye out for one and let you know when someone sees one! BalNY may be willing to send you pics of the Firsts they have in stock.

    You can always get black later, and especially in light of getting the AnthraCity next week.

    I wish you well,

  12. that's a hard decision! I think the black first is the most useful bag I have. It really is a different animal from the anthracite city. It's a great bag for casual and dressing up.
    That said, I think blue glacier is a beautiful color, I like how it's veiny and looks like a nice denim. I think it would go with a lot. It would be great in the summer but also with blacks, browns in the winter.
    I'm no help!
  13. blue glacier
  14. The black first will be a classic bag that you will use for years, but you will also be able to buy it in the future as it is a staple style and color of bbag.

    I really like the blue glacier color. I like the veins, they go well with the color. If you wear a lot of blue and pastel colors, it will go wonderfully. It also is a color that is being sold for one season only, so you will not be able to buy it from a store once this season is sold out. (you may be able to get it on eBay though)

    I would go with the rare color, blue glacier. You can always buy a black first later.

  15. I vote BG since you are getting the anthracite. I actually think that BG will be very sought after in a few years!