Colour Comparrison Advice Please ?

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  1. Quick bit of help from all you lovely people who know more about Mulberry than I do (which would be all of you !) -

    Having (almost) decided I really want to get an SBS, have discounted the sparkle leopard (too grey, leopards aren't grey !!) & am lurching towards Foxglove, what I'd like to know (not having seen Foxglove "in the flesh") is how similar in colour is it to the Peony Pink of a Hayden ?? brighter / not as bright / more lavender-pink / ??????? ..

    No rush on this one, still at the "should I - shouldn't I" stage , thank you xH
  2. Hi Holleigh,


    The bays is foxglove, the bays clutch to the front left is peony plonge the same as your Hayden....:smile:
  3. Brilliant (your pics are sheer artistry !) seeing the colours together is just what I needed - now to make my mind up, hummm! , thank you xH
  4. What fantastic colours you have there. Love the pinks :smile:
  5. Just about to say you should see Mo's great colour comparison tableau...but she's beaten me to it ;):graucho:.....

    Foxglove is a completely lush colourway.....
  6. Foxglove and Hot Fuschia are my fave colours :biggrin: along with Red Onion of course!