Colour choice for my first birkin... pls help...

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  1. Hiya…

    Tks to the lovely advice from the ladies here, I have been to the Hermes store to take a look at the lookbook and seen the colours they have on the shelf and have now come back all the more "confused" as everything looks so lovely!!!! Definitely spoilt for choice!!!! :drool:

    Now I am seriously considering my bags colours as I would really love to get a birkin this year. My favourite colours are white and pink, but also like the colours purple and red and so, my outfits are accordingly in these colours (for tops and dresses) and I pair them with black and blue jeans/trousers for work. I do wear the occassional blue/greenish-blue but seldom wear any browns.

    My ideal colours would be white or in the family of pink/red/purple. I would love a white birkin but not sure if DH would approve since I would like to use it as a workhorse. Also, if I am using it for work, I don't want to use too "pop" a colour so not pink/red as I really love these in the bright pop colours.

    So after much pondering, I am thinking of getting a raisin birkin as I have seen this colour IRL and this definitely set my heart beating as it looked so good with what I was wearing!!! But DH didn't really like that colour and preferred the Bleu de Prusse colour which I also liked but wasn't sure if I would get much use out of it.

    My question is: should I go for a raisin or bdp given what I wear? I would most probably be getting it in togo/clemence with phw. Also, how easy is it to get a raisin birkin from the PO as I am hoping to get on the list in London when it opens or should I try a walk-in at FSH? Any advice?

    Fast forwarding to my next purchases, I am thinking of getting a kelly and lindy in either white or pink/red, e.g. a white kelly and pink/red lindy or vice versa so would the raisin be getting too many of the same "family"? Or maybe I can consider bpd in these other bags? Hm….

    YES… I am getting addicted to the orange side!!! :nuts:
  2. first of all: welcome ! :yahoo:

    Would not advise to get a white birkin as a workhorse.

    Raisin sounds like a great choice, but I know the troubles of DH not really approving.
    (Main reason for me not owning an etoupe hermès bag :shrugs:).

    On the other hand it should make you happy and if BdP doesn´t do it, than you shouldn´t take that.

    Maybe you should look into gold - a very warm but also a very classic colour - also good for combinations.

    Kelly and lindy in white or pink/red sound great. can´t go wrong with that.

    Well, good luck and all the best! :amuse:
  3. I see you are already plotting a whole load of H purchases! Good for you.

    I have a raisin birkin and I have to say the colour never ceases to get compliments, and my heart flutters everytime I look at it. Also it is extremely versatile.

    Now I also love BdP, but given you said you wear blues only occasionaly, and also you didn't mention wearing much greys, I'd suggest you don't go for it for your first birkin. Not that BdP wouldn't go with your pink / white / purple / red wardrobe... but I get a sense that raisin sings more to you than BdP.

    If I were to pick a combo for your I'd say
    Birkin raisin
    Lindy rose dragee
    Kelly grey / black ... for the sheer clacissism of it

    But this is just what I would do in your shoes. I think ultimately you should follow what works for you.

    As to finding the birkin, I tried the London podium route and failed miserably, so gave up and upped to Paris where I got it from the back room. I'd recommend this to anyone who lives in London, honestly. Plus the nice thing in Paris is that even if they don't have what you want, they'll PO or SO it for you in a heartbeat if you ask nicely!

    Good luck on your search!
  4. I consider red a neutral. At least I use mine as such.
  5. Wow... such fast responses!!! Think I will be getting addicted here really soon!!! :nogood:

    HM: (i was a bit hesitant typing your full name so hope this will do...:P) Yes, I think raisin sounds like a good choice for me but the problem is DH might not approve. Hm... major problemo but might be resolved if I can convince to see it in person as we only saw the colour on a lindy. I did think of gold but decided against it as I really can't see how it would go in my wardrobe. I might be wrong but it seemed to match better with brownish/neutral clothes but my clothes are really stiking pink/red etc...

    LittleH: You scored your raisin birkin at FSH???? :nuts::nuts::nuts: Wow!!! That would be a dream come true for me!!!! :yahoo:Can you share the specs with me? Like you said, I do like BDP and I used to have a number of blue bags as I found it was a "safe" colour but have now become more adventurous and ventured into really pop colours!!! And now there is no turning back.

    Could you provide me with more details as to why the London PO failed for you? I would like to know for reference. Tks. Do you also think at FSH, they would have a number of different birkin colours for me to compare? From what I have read, they normally only bring out the item you are after but the way my DH shops is that he likes to compare things and tat might be the only way to get him to like the raisin colour.

    And thanks for your other colour suggestions for my bags. Yes, rose dragee is one of the colours I am contemplating for my lindy but also brighter colours, like Rose Shocking, Fushcia etc... Might need more research into this as I am only starting out.

    Off topic but since you are quite knowledgeable, could I ask if a white kelly with ghw is hard to come by? I think you can guess which direction I can going... :graucho:
  6. Oh yes, I have read that some pple use red as a neutral and I was also contemplating getting a red but somehow the colour did not sing as much to me at least not for a birkin but would be considering it for my kelly. Maybe if I can see the colour IRL and not just in a lookbook, I might just fall in love with it. :rolleyes:
  7. anon00, be sure and look at the colors in different leathers, too---as even raisin in clemence and togo can look a bit different and hardware also changes the effect. (by the way, there are plenty of photo examples of bags in different colors, and with different hardware on this site to search...).

    I have a raisin togo 35 birkin with GHW and I agree completely with what LittleH said. My wardrobe is similar to yours and the raisin is fabulous and gets many compliments. But I totally understand about how your DH might have to approve, too.

    Good luck in your search!
  8. LittleH wrote:
    I totally agree except maybe the Lindy in fuschia? The Rose Dragee seems so muted to me - not really a "pop" of color, though lovely in its own right.

    100% Raisin Birkin and grey or black Kelly!!!!

    As for the reds, I am so picky about reds. I love the color but I love the blue based reds rather than the orange based reds and I have yet to figure out which H red is which! LOL!
  9. I actually got my birkin from George V, they didn't have the colours I wanted at FSH.

    I think if you go to FSH and George V you will find the SAs to be very accomodating and I would expect them to happily show you a couple of things if you wanted. They certainly won't bring out the whole back room but if you tell them what you'd like they will try their best to hep. One thing to note is that they do have a lot of birkin40s but 35s are snapped up really quickly so get there in the morning if you want to be lucky! And don't just go to FSH, do try George V as well.

    I'll post a pic of my birkin in a sec, it is 35 clemence raisin with GHW.

    As to the experience in London, basically I got flustered with the whole drama about the PO list dates, and the fact that I was looked at like I was a thief everytime I asked the question about the list. I just thought I'm very busy, I travel a lot and I don't have time to play these games, so I gave up on London and went to Paris on a business trip. It took me no more than 1 hour to find my baby so that was well worth it.

    Now, re your DH approval. Why don't you explain it this way to him: if you buy a colour that doesn't truly sing to your heart then you may not reach for it as much as you ought to (I use my birkin at least 3 days a week), and then it would be a bit of a waste doesn't he think?
  10. As to a white kelly with ghw, well there was one on the shelf at FSH yesterday, so they are out there... You just have to find them!
  11. #11 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    Hi kipp, yes, i have already been on the search and looekd at the various colours, which is why I have decided on togo/clemence with phw. However, maybe it was the lighting and quality of the pics but I didn't really detect much difference between them. Is there really a lot of difference? :confused1:

    I know there is a difference between raisin in box as it was more purple but as box leather is hard to come by and I don't think I would be able to do an SO on my first purchase, I decided on a togo/clemence as this was what I saw IRL on a lindy. Is both clemence and togo used on a lindy? Maybe this would let me know which was the one I fell in love with.

    I guess my first choice would be togo as it is less slouchy and more importantly, lighter. I cannot carry too heavy bags. Since you have a togo with GHW, do you mind posting a pic for me to see and compare with LittleH as hers is a clemence? Tks so much....

    Exactly what I am thinking of at the moment :yahoo: but not a black kelly as I have too many black bags but possibly a grey if I see it IRL. Let me know on your search for reds as I think you sound like me. I am still trying to find out the differences between the various reds!!!! :sweatdrop:

    Exactly what I am telling him. Guess DH's approval is very important to all of us right? :P And tks for posting a pic of your picture. It will be very helpful. Could I ask another question regarding your Clemence - is it really very heavy? Could you maybe compare to other bags you have? For example, I have carried a 30 and 35 lindy and 32 kelly and felt that it was ok. How much heavier is it?

    And tks for the info on the white kelly. If only I was there.... :drool:
  12. Here you go!

    It is a heavy baby, there is no question about it. But the difference between clemence and togo in terms of weight is really minimal.

    However you only really start feeling the weight of this beauty once you fill it with your junk (and god knows I like to carry a lot!) and once you've walked with it for a while. Until then it doesn't feel any heavier than the others.

  13. Anon,

    You could also try to find a bicolor birkin in Raisin/Cyclamen...

    That way you get a pop of pink in there. Normally bicolor bags are special orders but the Raisin/Cyclamen combination is one that I have seen out on the shelves quite a bit...

    Did you look at Indigo? It's kind of a dark blueish purple in certain leathers...

    As for the have to wear the bag darn it!!!!

    No point in spending that money if you hate it!
  14. LittleH, I only have this to say: :drool::drool::drool:

    It looks absolutely stunning!!!! I haven't carried a 35 birkin IRL (as haven't had the chance to come across it) so guess I will need to find one to assess if I can take the weight. But definitely loving this!!!! :yahoo:

    Bicolour in Raisin/Cyclamen???? :nuts::nuts::nuts:You are making me drool even more!!! Where have you seen them??? I would love to get one of tat if I could get my hands on it!!!!

    No, haven't seen Indigo but might take a look next time I am in store. Tks for pointing it out.

    I love the comment abt DH... LOL.... But unfortunately, I have less say since he is the one paying for it but normally my persuasion skills are quite effective I have to say... (ok, except for the time when I were trying to buy my Chanel bag...)
  15. go raisin... i have it in an evelyne (epsom) and a bolide (clemence)... the color is a bit darker in clemence... but whichever skin you get, raisin goes with everything, you would be surprised. i didn't know it would be so versatile until i started mixing the wardrobe up. and in the off chance you wear a brown outfit, raisin would go with that too. it's my favorite!