Colorways for Tuiga scarf?

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  1. Has anyone seen any colorways of this scarf that is NOT on the website or posted in Tods' thread?

    I am so in :heart: with this scarf. I'm not sure if it is the contrast hem or the fact that you can fold it so many ways and it always looks different.

    Also if you have pics of other colorways than these please post! Thanks!

    Colorways 01 and 02

    Colorways 03 and 04

    Colorways 05 and 07

    Colorway 09
  2. You know, I'm usually not one for the nautical theme but this scarf is really growing on me!
  3. I really like the look of this scarf, too, and have researched the web but have not found colorways other than the ones shown above. In addition to colorway information, I'd also appreciate seeing photos of people wearing this scarf!
  4. The black/gold one is gorgoeus! I didn´t care for this design before but in that cw I love it!
  5. When I first saw colorway 07, it actually brought tears to my eyes -- particularly the tied version. :shame:
  6. this ties really well. I have the orange one and love it!
  7. I'm sure some of the ways I have them tied would look better with anything other than a white blouse but here you go:





  8. I LOVE it!!! You look great! I actually think navy and white is one awesome combo!
  9. I folded it so alot of navy was showing but you can also fold it so you get alot of white which would probably look better with another color. I do so :heart: this scarf!!
  10. LOL @ your new avatar! Who doesn't love a glammed-up piggy!??

    I have this same scarf and find the design just so clever. You're absolutely spot on about folding it in different ways to either get more of the blue or white parts showing. Hey, it's like a 2-in-1 scarf! Great value, LOL!
  11. We are scarf triplets!!! I have the navy one too.
    I can't wait to lay my hands on the cw 07. . . or the cw 09 to wear them in pairs! SA is helping to search for one....
  12. I'm pretty sure there are a few other on tPF who have this scarf also.

    Oh, I hope you find it - I would love to see how you wear both!!!

    There are so many things I like about it:

    - contrast hem
    - design of the scarf when flat
    - it is an asymmetrical design and yet as linear quality to it
    - design of the scarf when folded looks so different all the time
    - the red/white/blue theme. I'll be wearing it on Memorial Day.

    Do you think it would look good with a red shirt? I saw one yesterday and am debating .... I've NEVER had a red shirt before.
  13. Maxter - the scarf looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for sharing. And yes, I believe that it would go very well with a red shirt.
  14. Tuiga is gorgeous and the navy, in particular, is very striking! Congrats, it looks great!
  15. Maxter, your Tuiga looks great! I particularly like it with the knot in the front.

    The scarf would definitely look lovely with a red shirt, particularly when you tie it so the contrast hem shows against the scarf rather than the shirt -- like it does when the knot's in the front.

    My only question is whether you actually like to wear red. I don't have any red shirts, but that's because I don't like how I look in red -- got rid of all of my red clothes a long while back.