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  1. I'm so confused I ordered the times dark beige woc from hirshleifers this week but now I'm so torn and thinking I should of got the fuschia one the only other bag I have is the jumbo caviar with silver hardware I can't afford to get both woc so now I don't know what to do?? Help??
  2. I think the fuschia is amazing:smile:
    I own just the black caviar /GHW and if I could I would love to own a bright colored WOC as well someday!!
  3. I would go for the fuchsia... It's such a lovely colour!!!!
  4. Fuchsia +1 vote
  5. fuchsia :smile:
  6. Fushia!! All the way!
  7. fuchsia!!!

    chasing my rainbow!
  8. Can you post a picture of the beige?
  9. Here it is

    Attached Files:

  10. It's nice, but once again: fuchsia all along!!!
  11. No doubt, fuchsia!! ;)
  12. Have you seen the fuchsia IRL? See it first if you haven't and then make your decision. Your beige looks divine. It's also in caviar. Is this "beige claire?"
  13. I think it's called dark beige.
  14. Thanks! I would definitely say the fuschia if your going for a punch of fun
  15. Have you seen the fuchsia IRL? The dark beige is very versatile.