Colors! Which do you prefer?

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  1. Okay. so here are 3 choices.


    Any opinions?
    yay? or nay?

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  2. from the pics... i like the burgundy the most.
    what bag is it? it's cute :P
  3. My least fave is espresso..I think Iprefer black to burgandy but I'm not sure.. :smile:
  4. Burgundy or Espresso!
  5. seahorseinstripes- It's from Laundry by Shelli Segal. 'Farrah' I think:smile: There is a smaller version too, but I like the oversized one better. Roomy!
  6. it's so cute hchung9537... i hope you'll get yours soon :P
  7. too cute! espresso
  8. I'm a fan of expresso, but I haven't seen the person in person. It is really cute from the pictures though
  9. Either Burgundy or Espresso. I think the black is almost too overpowering, unless you were over 5'7" or so. I don't know why, but it looks like someone who might be shorter than that could carry it off really easily in either espresso or burgundy. Its a big bag. Really nice bag.
  10. Esspresso, it's really cute!
  11. I like the brown one. BTW, what kind of bag is this?
  12. *bites nails*

    i prefer all threee!!!!

    but if i really had to choose, it'll be between espresso and black.

    and knowing that gold and black are a hot combination, if i plan on getting another bag that comes in that combo i'd get that and then this in espresso and gold

    but black and gold is the best

    it's most classy.
  13. I think that the espresso and burgandy are the best colors. I am personally not a big black/gold person - I prefer silver :smile:
  14. Burgundy, then espresso!! Lovely bag!!
  15. Black!

    That's a really nice bag.