colors to go with a bronze colored bag

  1. I just ordered a Tano Goldie Shocks in Bronze and I am having second thoughts. I'm thinking that I may be limited to what colors I can wear with it. Any suggestions on colors that may look good with it?


    Also, does anyone own this bag and what are their thoughts? How's the leather, will it flake??
  2. I think dark, jewel-toned colors would look awesome with this bag, just in time for fall! Purple, burgundy, dark green, even dark orange. Black and/or white. And of course, you can never go wrong with jeans.

    I'm not so sure about metallic suede, though. I'd be worried about flaking, too, but you can probably tell if you see it IRL.
  3. I think this bag is gorgous. Bronze is really just an "amped up" neutral. You can wear it with anything :tup:
  4. I first thought of off-white when I saw it. White, black, brown, taupe, plum, burgundy would all look fab with that color too IMO. I love that bag!
  5. i've never seen this bad in real life but it does look beautiful
  6. Beautiful!!! I think this bronze will be really easy to wear - it goes well with so many colors... Black, white & jeans of course, but also brown and earthy tones like rust, deep grey, dark green etc, and all the blue and purple shades... It would look hot on a beige trenchcoat and would spice up any pin striped business suit very nicely!
  7. Thanks everyone!! Makes me feel better about getting the bag. It is so pretty, I can't wait to receive it. If anyone else is interested, there's a code for adoniabags. It's iloveblogs and you get 15% off.
  8. I have this bag in pewter and I wear it practically every day. It looks so great with jeans, black, and with all my new purple and grey stuff. Plus I have some pewter snake printed pumps that rock with it if I want to get dressed up!

    The bronze color looks great with blue denim, brown, cream, taupe, camel. Possibly some shades of dark green or dark purple- would depend on the shade. If you wear dark brown boots to match the trim on the bag, anything is possible!