Colors that should NOT be worn together?

  1. Personally I think brown and black look terrible together! Same with Navy and black. Any other color combos that you think are a no-no?
  2. I think brown and black is ok. Purple and red are a no-go in my books!
  3. Purple and Red
    Red and Green
    Green and Orange
    Maroon and Blue
    Black and Pink
  4. As with a color worn singly, if it (or they) does not make you look good, it/they should not be worn - by you!
  5. -Black and pink
    -Black and orange
    -Black and red or black and yellow -- these can work but i have seen a lot of bad choices here
    -Red and green

    BTW -- I like green and orange together -- I have some great Etro things in this combo and also a green silk top that I pair with Orange JC shoes that always get compliments
  6. -BLACK and ORANGE
    -GREEN and RED
  7. red and green (think christmas colors)
  8. :yes:
    I like many of the combos people say they don't like (i.e. black/pink, brown/black) and that's their thing. I wear those combos a lot and never think twice about it. Even my room is done in black/pink lol.
    But for me, I personally wouldn't wear blue and orange together, reminds me way too much of the Denver Broncos colors. I also wouldn't wear red/green unless the piece has the color in it (like my LV Cerises Speedy-red cherries w/green stems).
  9. Pink and red! Hate it.

    Black/brown is okay, depends on the shade of brown.
  10. red and green
    pink and red
    black and navy
  11. orange and black (halloween) and primary shades of red & green (christmas)

    otherwise, I think it just depends. I love navy and black together, as long as the navy isn't too dark.
  12. This might be just my pet peeve, but I really don't like wearing dark blue with jeans. It just looks weird to me.
  13. I totally agree. There's just something about those combinations that is just so tacky.
  14. Yellow and pink. eewww
  15. Purple and Orange! Think of prisoners doing a Barney show.