Colors That Just Don't Work For You

  1. Does anyone here have a specific Hermes color or colors that just doesn't/don't work for her?

    For me, I have two. Orange shade and yellow shade just don't work for me because of my complexion. I'm pale but I have a slight yellow undertone in my skin. I also have dark circles under my eyes (yes, KK here looks like a panda sometimes) so everytime if I wear or carry anything yellow or orange, I look horrid. As a result, I can't get anything in orange or potiron colors.:cry:

    Am I the only one?
  2. I don't have a Birkin, but I also look awful in orange.he,he. Have dark circles too sometimes!:blink:
  3. Yellow for me - I'm a medium toned brunette, but can't seem to do yellow unless I have a great tan....which is taboo these days (here in Australia), so I'm always untanned! It's a shame, because H does a GREAT bright yellow, which I'd love in a Kelly for summer! Also some blues doen't work (or they seem to loks SO much nicer on blondes than on me!!:smile: ) like navy or turquoise.

    Orange I CAN do!
  4. Cyclamen and any of the greens. Blech! I look horrid in these colors.
  5. I'm very fair....snow white skin with long straight black hair. Yellow, orange & picotins does not seem to work well with me.
  6. Yellow? No way....I look dead. Some greens are just as bad and I just don't like bright pink. Good colors on me are the Fall colors as I'm olive skinned with dark hair...
  7. Who on earth is buying the yellow H bags????????????:roflmfao:
  8. i love yellow in clothes when it's the right yellow. on my arm, nope, there isn't a single color that wouldn't look good :biggrin: - though there might be some i don't want to stare at all day.
    carine roitfeld is famous for her undereye circles, in a very positive way.
  9. :lol: That's funny! But she's SO stylish, isn't she? I'm jealous of women like her!!
  10. That's true Hi Heels. She pulls off dark circles....but for me, I just look like Morticia from the Adams Family.....
  11. No yellow birkin or kelly....!!! I love fun colors, but I am not paying that kind of huge money for yellow birkin or kelly! Even my SA told me to pass yellow color birkin or kelly. But I love yellow clothes,too.
  12. Actually, I have seen yellow croc. kelly long time ago. SA was showing it to me to just show croc. kelly to me, because it was on hold for someone. SA said a VIP customer ordered yellow (called saffon(?)or something like that) shiny croc. kelly. That VIP customer came in and took a look at it, and she was SO disappointed and did not want to take it. So, it was on hold for someone else (due to cancellation), but SA said she highly doubted if the customer who was holding it would take it when she sees it.
  13. Actually, ans African-type of skin tone would probably look wonderful carrying a saffron H bag....

    Aspen - what a shame for that customer - I couldn't stand waiting for a bag and not loving it when it arrived!!:sad:
  14. fuschia, yellow, white, blue, etc. basically anything bright & crayola looks absolutely horrid on me. however - for whatever reason, i can definitely pull off pumpkin, neutrals, pastels, etc. go figure.
  15. I don't wear greens, oranges, or yellows well at all. I really don't do red that great either. I am more of a "cool color" person. I do like neutrals but my favorites are blue jean, thalassa, fuchsia, framboise, get the idea!