Colors + styles that are never made?

  1. I just recently learned that there weren't any FB firsts last spring and that there wasn't going to be any Jaune firsts at all this fall.

    Are there anymore colors/styles that have never been made? (granted they were available separately during the same season)
    Why do you think Bal does this? I think both the FB and Jaune would have sold well/looked good in the first.

  2. :huh: I'd like to know too! And I WISH they'd let us SO items!!
  3. Anyone..? :confused1:
  4. No first and twiggy w GH either, might look cute. Boldddddddd
  5. "Production problems" for the Jaune First.
  6. No Anthracite RH Days.
  7. Rouville Firsts?