Colors similar to 2005 Bordeaux?

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  1. Holy moly! I feel like I've been looking for the perfect 2005 Bordeaux city for ages! ..the ones that I've actually come across are not well taken care of, and the rest are just so expensive... more than a new one would cost! Does anyone know if Balenciaga will come out with a similar color anytime soon? I just LOVE it to death! :love:
  2. I had a bordeaux and black cherry at the same time a while back.
    Although they were different leathers the colors were very similar.
  3. I have a Bordeaux and a Grenat, which are incredibly close.

    I'm also waiting for Bal to release a Bordeaux-lookalike. It seems there is nothing like that in the near future.

    Best to keep your eye out for a pre-loved one, and if you really love it and can afford it, buy it.

    Another option to ask one of the consignment places to keep an eye out for you. That's how I acquired by Bordeaux.

    I hope you find your Bordeaux, I remember how long I hankered after one, and when it appeared, I was really happy.

    By the way, MAGJES, are you the one on the left or on the right in your avatar? I love the shot, it has a beautiful, golden-seventies aura to it.
  4. I have bordy and grenat too and they're close. The next closest to Bordy I would think.
  5. I love Bordeaux, too. Still looking for a City, PT or Work, but I have a few Bordeaux accessories and they are gorgeous!