Colors on MC Speedy

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  1. Hi girls,

    Funny observation, I was browsing in the beautiful multicolor club (specifically the speedy) and I noticed that they come in different color combos. For instance, LVCRAZED speedy color 'sequencing' is different than SINCITYSISTA'S. I guess all of them are different? For owners of the speedies, did you look at several before picking out the color combo you liked? Or did you just take the 'first' one that you looked at?

  2. yes, all of them are different. this helps to prove that they're handmade and all unique. the canvas can only be cut so many ways before you run out of the same color sequence. i myself, will always look at the MC color pattern to find the one i like. some pieces have more pinks/purples than others.. i prefer more blues/greens.

    btw, just to make it clear.. the color combos may be different, but the sequencing is always the same. for instance, black is always to be followed by pink, and black will always come before green. (green, black, pink) is the order.. so sometimes you'll see a bag/piece with "pink, green, black" or "black, pink, green" but never "black green pink" or "green pink black" or something like that.. get it? the colors mentioned were, and are for the LV's logos, not the fleurs or stars/circles/etc.
  3. thanks for the response! You've given me great information! That's exactly what I wanted to know...I have a personal preference too, I like the 'lighter' color the green/blues (lime & light blues specifically) over the pinks/purples also. WOo:huh:o...can't wait till 2007!
  4. I just took the first one I saw!!!:nuts: I was SO EXCITED I didn't care what color combo I get!!!:yahoo:
  5. YEP! I wanted all pinks and got it :smile:
  6. I really pay attention to the color combo. I know to many they all look the same but on the black ones they really pop out at you. I have seen great looking MC bags and "eh that's ok" looking bags. All depended on my pref for the color pattern!
  7. For me, I just made sure that the front of my touville had 9 "LV" colors. :love: :love: The first one that the SA showed had 2 rows of pink-black-green combo and didn't like it.:Push:
  8. For me the colour combo is quite important, and luckily I got to choose from 2 black mc almas at that time. With the white mc speedy they only had 1 in stock, but I was fortunate enough that the colour sequence was beautiful, bright and unique with lots of pink and lime green (which I didn't really expect to love, but now I'm def in :love: )...
  9. I just got my Black MC Speedy 2 days ago and I spent, like 25 mins choosing the color combi I liked. I even had to ask my SA to go serve somebody else in the meantime coz I needed the space and time to choose and I felt bad making him stand there and wait for a fussy old woman to make up her mind. Thank goodness DH was not with me, he would have made another of his remarks like, "Oh God this is really rocket science! Take your time, I'll come back and collect you tomorrow!" I went home and proceeded to spend another 30 mins admiring the bag's colors...I need a life.
  10. I want one with lots of pink and purple! :love:
  11. i could totally picture myself doing the same thing when i get my speedy! i'm anal like that and hey there's nothing wrong for wanting the perfect one right? hehe.

    i prefer one with a lot of pink/purple, and personally don't like the white stock pic from eluxury. with all that red and green it reminds me of christmas decoration. lol.
  12. I was so excited that like Irene I took the first one they gave me. Now I've looked more closely and I have a lot of greens & blues....I like it though! Especially since I am always wearing jeans :smile:
  13. When I see MC LV's I think ALL of the are beautiful but if I am purchasing one that I will see day in day out... and will most certainly look VERY closely and pick the one I deem the most beautiful combination. :love:
  14. That's what I was thinking when I got my Alma! :yahoo:
  15. lol. i can just imagine the excitement when the time comes to pick up a MC, I'll prob be like misspiggy and be OCD about it!