Colors of Venetia

  1. Hi,

    Does anybody know what colors the Venetia came in and if comes out with new colors every season? I am looking for a fall bag and was thinking of an emerald green or burgandy. Also how does it fit on the shoulder? Anybody have pics of them wearing the bag?

    Thank you kindly!
  2. You can kind of stick it on the shoulder but it really isn't a shoulder bag. It works in a pinch. I have emerald, black, tapioca, spearmint, and sap. I once had a pomagranate that was gorgeous but ended up selling it. He does seem to make some each season but the ones you are looking for are on the secondary market now. maggie
  3. I had one before and I couldn't really put on my shoulder too long. I had in petunia pink and it was beautiful. My friends have in muted pink, spearmint, and periwinkle. I saw this girl carried one in eggplant? A really deep purple color. It was beautiful too.

    aereodyte, you have one in tapioca? I'm so jealouussss!!
  4. Thank you..It was a fight to the death to get. maggie
  5. hahaha....I believe you.
  6. aerodyte: holy coW! :nuts: i'd love to see pics of your many mj colored bags!!! do you have pics posted or do you mind posting them please? i need some mj color eye candy. thank you!!!
  7. Venetia's one of the styles in SOFT CALF CLASSIC Collection (along with Stella, Sophia, Blake, MultiPocket, and Cammie) -- all are produced every season in 5-6 different colors; if you come across a style in a particular color, that color's available for the other styles as well. Stella, Sophia, and Cammie are not returning this season.

    Fall 06 Soft Calf colors: Amethyst, Black, Charteuse, Emerald, Graphite, Linen, Whiskey

    Some recent colors: Nutmeg, Butter, Orange, Putty, Sweet Pea, Denim, Blueberry, White, Tapioca, Taupe, Honey, Brick Red, Ferrari Red, Tomato, Muted Pink, Petuna, Washed Rose, Rose Quartz, Seafoam, Spearmint, Sap, Olive, Eggplant, Maroon, etc.

    Emerald & Amethyst (purple) are making a comeback this season, you can find Venetia at available at MJ boutiques & other shops.

  8. Cherry Blossom, Ivory, Oatmeal
  9. I have an Ivory one that I bought at Bloomingdales in Minnesota about a 2-weeks ago.

    I agree with the above doesn't really fit on the shoulder well for a long period (or even a short period!) of time.