Colors of the Multipocket

  1. What colors did the multipocket come in for the fall 2006 season?
  2. Soft Calf colors: Black, Linen, Amethyst, Graphite, Emerald, Whiskey, Charteause. All the colors are usually available for Multipocket, certain colors are not made for LG Multipocket. Call Stella at MJ store in LA (323-653-5100) to confirm.

    Colors: Black, Linen, Amethyst, Graphite, Emerald, Whiskey

    Colors: Black, Linen, Amethyst, Graphite, Emerald, Whiskey, Charteause
  3. * RESORT 06 *

    13 x 11 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Olive

    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Sand, Olive, Scarlet
  4. * SPRING 07 *

    13 x 11 x 5"
    Colors: Black, White, Navy, Light Grey

    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, Lavendar

    Quilted Classic MULTIPOCKET (with chain)
    9.5 x 9 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Ivory, Brown, Blue, Natural

    Patchwork MULTIPOCKET
    11 x 8 x 5"
    Colors: Slate,
  5. Thanks, I received in the mail the black on black multipocket a few days ago. I am having second thoughts of the combination. Seems a bit boring. I got it from Saks. I think I would like it in the brick red. Maybe I could check around to at other Saks stores. Any suggestions?
  6. ^ You got the Resort 06's Black which has Black stitching, Fall 06's Black has grey stitching. I find Black on Black too plain too.

    Brick Red is a color from many seasons ago, I came across 2 MPs (60%+ off) at Nordstrom a few months ago. They might pop up at outlets or ebay. Marc Jacobs stores often have older colors at full price.

    BTW, did you get the Maroon Venetia?
  7. I found a brick red MP but it is not at Saks. I have got to find a bag to replace the black because I will lose my ECG card any suggestions.

    By the way yes I won the venetia:yahoo: !
  8. ^ If you like Brick Red, get it since it's an older color (most department stores don't have it anymore). Find something else at Saks, maybe, you can exchange it later.

    Congrats on winning Maroon Venetia, that color is just gorgeous!!!!!!
  9. What do you think about the elise I check the thread for the colors tell me again what color is topaz?
  10. I definitely like Elise more than Multipocket for sure, it's more feminine & less casual looking. I have a Quilted Patent version (in Black) from Spring 06, I might get another one this season if I end up liking the color. =)

    Topaz is described as a blue (not dark) color with some green undertone.
  11. What other colors do the MP come in from the previous seasons?