Colors of the globe

  1. I remember only seeing Yellow, Red, and blue. Are there anymore?
  2. As far as I know those are the only 3 colors.
  3. Nope..just the large yellow, medium blue and small red/burgundy ones.
  4. i didn't know the colors were specific to the size of the bag? is that true?
  5. I wish I were able to find better pictures of them but the majority on eBay are incredibly fake.
    From what I know, the yellow was the GM, the burgundy was the MM, the blue was the PM.
    But I definitely could be wrong as I wasn't really too *into* this line so I didn't pay much attention to if each size came in all three colors.
  6. ^^ I think they all did come in all three colours - I've seen the MM version in all 3 at least. let-trade had blue and burgundy, and I saw yellow on elux. But those were the only colours.
  7. All three sizes cam in all three colors.
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