Colors of patent gallery totes?

  1. Hi ladies, quick question - I know the patent gallery totes are currently out in a mahogany, white, and blue, but a few months ago I KNOW I saw an ad in either People or InStyle for a Coach patent gallery tote in dark purple, like aubergine. It was :wtf: gorgeous! I can probably dig up the picture somewhere on the boards, I think someone scanned it in. Anyway, does anyone know if that color will be coming out? Was it just a sample? Thanks in advance, and if I can find the pic I'll link to it.
  2. Oh no, just checked again and I might have seen the mahogany bag and thought it was dark purple! But I saw a black one too, so maybe there are different colors coming? Just checking!
  3. A lot of people have been thinking it was a deep purple actually! So you're not the only one, check it out in person!
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