Colors of handbags

SuzyZ said:
But isn't the metallic thing just a trend? I don't think it'll hold past next year.

Yes its trendy for now, but if you buy a great metallic bag, the nyou can still wear it for years and to hell what other people think.:weird:

I bought one that I LOVE and WILL NOT put it away next season just because something else becomes "it". :biggrin:

Metallic also matches well with lots.
Im not sure what I think about metalic bags, I think its because my mum used to wear those gold metalic bags and in my head they are old fashioned. I know they are in but I just couldnt buy one!

Persoanlly I love really bold coloured bags, at the moment, there are lots of orange, olve and teal bags which im totally loving!

To answer your question.. I'd say.. a denium bag. When you think about it, denium never goes out of fashion, and im sure we all have at least one denium bag somewere.

I think you need 1 black, 1 white, 1 brown and 1 denium before you get any other colour lol
I agree, denim is a must. I love my 3 new ones this summer-LV speedy, LV tote and dior detective flower embroidered denim, it's gorg. My bohemian sparkly skirts married with the denim beautifully. I almost got a stunner from neimans -Roberto cavalli embellished denim bag. check it out I am still pining over it. I have enough denim though.
I just checked Neiman's they no longer have the bag. whoops, sorry.
Pink, just cos it's my favorite color and I have a lot of pink clothes in my wardrobe :biggrin: I also think camel/tan is an essential bag color. Not sure if that would fit under the brown category, it probably does.
I actually don't own a black bag! But I have several shades of brown, blue, silver, bronze, pink (tho' I think I'm going to sell that one....), orange, green, blue, yellow and python. I do think I need a black one (tho' I haven't seen one I like) and I'm thinking about denim.
For me, it's red. Camel/tan is also a must. Right now I am really wanting a gray one and an orange one, although they are not essentials. A green would be great too. There is an electric blue Chanel 2.55 that is totally fabulous. But if you stick to basics, for me it's black, brown, white, red, and tan/camel.
I would have to say red as well. As much as metallic and golds are in right now, I just don't see it fitting into my wardrobe even though people say it goes with everything. It looks great on other people but I feel like a goof carrying a gold metallic bag. I think red is very versatile and like everyone is saying can go with anything. Plus it is a bold color which makes it different from black, brown, or white.