Colors of Classic Flaps

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  1. I'm thinking of exchanging the my black caviar jumbo to a different color, can anyone tell me what other colors of the classic flaps are currently available? I heard they have light gold? is this available in stores yet?
  2. if you do a search there should be more, but each department store and boutique often carry exclusive colors, so it's hard to say what's left. Aside from black, white, red, purple, navy, grey, beige, brown should be floating in the stores, Lambskin comes in just like Caviar, and additonal colors of green, salmon, mango, plus some leather are treated to have a matt or metallic finish.
  3. As far as caviar Jumbos go, you can find the Cruise '09 red, light beige (a buttery beige), white, and navy. For spring, there will be another blue, darker navy (I think this is in stores now... it's so dark it looks black!), fuschia (really more red than anything else), grey, etc. The only thing is that the Cruise caviar flaps are more rigid and structured than the ones coming out for s/s '09, so if you like your flaps structured (like your black flap!), you may be disappointed with one of the s/s '09 flaps.
  4. Thanks guys! I was considering other colors but I guess I'll just keep my black caviar jumbo then.:yes:
  5. What color are you looking for then?