colors of Chanel Medallion Tote

  1. So far I only know of black, beige, a pink quilted fabric version with a tassel, white and red. I'm sure there are you know???
  2. I saw a woman carrying a creamy pearlish colored one last week. Is this the white one?
  3. I have also seen baby blue and a light purple that were released as special editions.
  4. The other day in the tack shop I saw a mom carrying a sort of metallic gold medallion tote. I only got a look at it from the back though...was is special edition or fake??? :shrugs:
  5. I saw a creamy yellow medallion tote at the Chanel boutique at South Coast Plaza back in September. Beautiful color!!
  6. i've seen in magazines patent light blue, pink, white, black, navy, latte, brown, cream, light purple.
  7. I was curious if the medallion tote came in any other colors beside, pink, black, brown, and white?

    Those are the only colors I can find on eBay (I have yet to go into the Chanel boutique) and I want to get my sister her first Chanel for her birthday - but I'd like to see if I can find it in a different color.

    If those are the only colors available - I'll suck it up and probably get black - but I'd love to find like a beige or maybe a navy!
  8. I've definately seen beige at my local Chanel, but not super recently. I've also seen bordeaux from last seaon, although that was about 6 months ago.
  9. you should call the chanel boutique and ask, im not sure if it came in other color just recently, i think it did but from seasons bfore, so if not then on ebay ive seen some pink one with silver hardware look soo cute! the colors listed are the ones ive seen as well and also de bordeaux kittenslingerie mentioned i havent see a medallion in navy though, maybe some1 else inputs if they have seen some colors in the stores recently.
  10. I have a beige Medallion Tote. I got it a NM last year, but I'm sure it's considered a classic color.
    shoes&bags 009.jpg
  11. i've seen a purple one too a few weeks ago
  12. Hi, I have a pink one and I love it! Winter or Summer. It's always a go to bag. But black always goes with everything
  13. God! I love that beige!! It's totally TDF!!!

    I'm going to call my boutique tomorrow!! Hopefully - I can find something!
  14. beige is actually very common. you can most likely find it in any department store..

    there was also patent violet, black patent, red caviar, and a bluish-turquoise caviar frompast seasons.