colors of box??

  1. Hi girls! I'd love to know what array of colors does that box (discontinued style) come in other than RougeVif, Black, White, Calcaire, Blueberry, Ink, Magenta, Sapin & 06Lilac?? I don't think I have ever seen an Origan Box, have you?:confused1:
  2. Good question, and can I add to it? When was the box discontinued? Did they make 07 colors in it?
  3. Here's my Ink Box...She may not be with me much longer, as my holy grail just came up on eBay!!!:jammin:
    Top4 007.jpg
  4. KDC : I love ur box....i saw one selling on eBay in grey color...not sure shld i get it....hehehhehe:yahoo:
  5. No as far as I am aware they only made F/W 06 colours in it and that was it. There are no boxes in S/S 07 colours.
  6. SORRY DOUBLE POST.... Silly computer~!
  7. hmm.....sounds that i shld get the box since it has discontinued......:roflmfao:
  8. Other than mentioned above and from what I know, Grenat(Oxblood), Truffle(Brown with hit of goldish), cornflower(This is the one I am getting :yahoo: ).

    Celia_Hish --- Yes. That's one of the reasons I am getting the BOX. It's such a cute style and holds so much stuff. I don't know why they discoutinued it. :mad:
  9. I just got a Sapin Box because I was scared I wouldn't find another one. But Grenat, Lilac, Origan, Ink, Blueberry and Rouge Theater sound even better!!!!!:graucho:
  10. I beleive the box was in production f/w 2005 through f/w 2006. So fall 2005, spring 2006, and fall 2006 colors should be out there somewhere. BalNY had an origan box a couple of months ago.
  11. MRG--- Me too. "......I was scared I wouldn't find another one" Where is your Spain Box picture? I want to see it.:nuts: Where did you get it?? I am anxiously waiting for my cornflower box to arrive.
  12. You are right about this.
  13. Sarah, here are some pics. I have a thread on my new Box, too.


  14. OH! MRG, your Spain Box is gorgeous. I love it. Makes me drooling :drool: You made a wonderful choice being that is the discoutinuted color and style. That makes your box more valuable. Where did you get it?? Where did you get it??
  15. My grey box from BalNy just arrived yesterday. When I called to order last week, they also had cornflower, truffle, and sage green. I brought it with me today and it holds more than I expected. Too bad it's discontinued.