Colors of blakes?

  1. Does anyone know where I could see past colors of blakes or read about the colors he's used in the past on blakes? Or if any incredible tPF members knows the colors, I would appreciate knowing what they were:yes: Also, does the blake come with four "feet" on the bottom? If not, did older versions come with the feet?
    Thank U!:flowers:
  2. (Calf leather ones only)
    F06: Black, Linen, Whiskey, Emerald, Charteuse, Amethyst, Graphite.
    Recent ones: Black, Nutmeg, Linen, Putty, Butter, Sweet Pea, Blueberry, Denim, Orange, White, Olive, Taupe, Gold, Silver, etc...

    Maybe other members can go futher back? =)

    Blake has 4 protective feet on the bottom. =)

  3. Here is my butter blake. Actually carrying it today :yes: She makes me happy :angel:
    Other colors i know: Brick Red, Canary (quilted blake), Petunia
  4. I'm not so good with knowing what seasons the colors came from, but here's a list of what I can recall seeing out there--sorry if I duplicate what the others have already listed:

    1) Gold metallic
    2) Black with white contrast stitching
    3) Bright fire engine red ("Ferrari") red
    4) Dark blue
    5) Olive green
    6) Pale buttery yellow
    7) Darker yellow
    8) Grass green ("Emerald")
    9) Pale pink
    10) Cream
    11) Spearmint (turquoisy green/blue)
    12) Putty--sorta of a taupy grey, like the color of wet cement
    13) Pea soup green

    The newer bags (i.e. Spring 2006 & forward) have gold hardware. The bags previous to this have silver hardware. And I've seen Blakes always lined with suede. I have yet to see a Blake with non-suede lining although MJ's other bags lately have had a canvas lining. Hope that helps!
  5. This is my MJ Blake in Fuchsia or Hot Pink :love:
    Marc Jacobs Fuchsia Blake a.jpg
  6. Hey Soleil, nice bag! The color is great, not as bright as I imagined it would be.
  7. Thanks thithi :cutesy:
  8. That is a gorgeous color:tender:
  9. Soleil, I love the Blake in that color! I have a Sophia in the same color. It is so pretty and goes with more than you think.
  10. [​IMG]

    What color is this one? It's so cute, light and minty!