Colors & Leathers

  1. I have finally decided to pursue a colored bag as all my previous purchases are neutral.

    What leather(s) shows off the colors brightest and what leather(s) mutes the colors?

    Would love pictures for visual help too.
  2. Any color family or leather you're leaning towards?

    From what I've seen, colors really pop in Clemence (Rouge H, Rouge Garance) and seem muted in Epsom (Blue Jean, Rouge Garance).

    Vert Anis in Togo (brighter) and Chevre (slightly more muted with a bit more yellow undertone) look different as well.
    Bleu Saphir pops in Clemence & Fjord; looks like a different color in Chevre and Box (way darker)
    Rouge H in Vache Liagee looks almost like an entirely different color--super dark vs. Rouge H in Clemence.
    Vermillion is brighter in Chevre than in Togo
  3. Please tell us what color or colors you love. That would help alot.
  4. Swift really makes colors show beautifully
  5. Thanks Orchids.
    I am leaning towards colors that work as neutrals like chartreuse or maybe a blue.
    Since I live in the South I think those would be better than darker reds.
    Of course any help is appreciated!!
  6. sus...are you really against red? You know rouge H is so pretty in many leathers and it gives you that gorgeous POP. I really can't think of much that rouge H would look bad with.

    chartreuse is lovely too, but you are a bit more limited.

    Do you like potiron? That is a lovely color and yet neutral.

    How about raisin...again, color...but somewhat a neutral.
  7. I agree with KB--the ones she mentioned are great colors that serve as neutrals; I added a few more--I put the brighter skin first and the more muted/darker second or third. This is based on what I've seen, not necessarily the full gamut of leathers available for each color. Those who have seen more or dispute the list feel free to correct!

    Rouge H-Clemence, Chevre, Vache Liagee
    Chartreuse-Clemence, Chevre (hard one--they look the same, although perhaps Chevre is brighter?? not sure)
    Vert Anis -Togo, Chevre
    Potiron -Clemence, Epsom (paler)
    Raisin-Clemence, Chevre
    Brique- Box, Vache Liagee
    Brighton Blue--Clemence, Chevre (see Shoes' beautful Bolide)
    Blue Jean-Clemence, Togo, Epsom (very pale--almost ice blue)
  8. Really Kellybag I didn't know that about rouge H.
    This is kinda why I though that this thread might help me.

    Orchids, that's fabulous. Now I'm going on a color hunt!
  9. Glad to hear you're open to Rouge H--I LOVE Rouge H--one of my favorite colors. I took my 30cm Rouge H along with my Dalmation Kelly on a trip once and those two worked with everything in the wardrobe.
  10. I adore rouge H in chevre, Sus. Candace is right, swift really makes colours pop.
  11. Can't beat:
    Potiron Togo, Clemence and Chevre
    Rouge H Clemence
    Blue Jean Togo and Clemence
    Vert Anis Togo or Chevre
    Chartreuse Clemence
    Brighton Blue Chevre
  12. Would you all then say that Rouge H is a great jumping off into color??!!
  13. Sus, just ask Shopmom--her first foray into color was her dreamy 30cm Rouge H Box! Calling Shopmom411.....
  14. I would say that...although I'm no expert compared to the other lovely members here. Personally I am going to go the Rouge H way when the time comes.
  15. Rouge H provides a spot of color while still being a subtle neutral. It's best worn with blues, black, grays, white, pink and tans.
    It's a true Hermes classic, too!