Colors for the Matisse PM

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  1. Can anyone tell me the colors for thie Matisse PM? Also, pics would be awesome. I can't find them.
  2. Colors for the Matisse PM will be Rose, Beige, Green, and Violet.

    I think we may have the violet color in the PICS thread --- or at least it was before Label Addict's photobucket account didn't exceed the bandwidth limit or something or other. LOL I do recall that after the 18th of Feb., she'll have her pics back on.
  3. yep 18th of feb all pics will be back up but I think there is still a pic of the matisse showing the only pic we have is of the purple colour, the green is like a muted lichen from the denim collection, beige is a cross between beige and sand and rose no idea
  4. Thanks for your input. I really like this bag!
  5. I like the bag a lot too. When I went through the shoe lookboook, they are making a wedge and flip flops in the same kind of material in 3 of the 4 colors.
  6. I would love to see the photo samples of the Matisse too.
    Since the Azur Neverfulls are probably on hold until next year, I need to find another large summer bag....!!
  7. ^^ don't forget the towel too!! I love all the pieces but I can't wear thong flops my toes scream the second I put them on
  8. ^^ you need to come and live in Aus and would get used to wearing thongs;) I can't wait to see the matisse colours:heart:
  9. Stupid Q, but if they come with flip-flops, how would they know which sizes to carry ???? Seems like that would be hard to do....
  10. the thongs come separately. i think the only thing that will come with the bag is a small pouch with the gm size.

    Claire: my BF was the same way before he moved to Maui. but now he wears flip flops all the time!
  11. When's the release date for the Matisse?
  12. here you go:





    MatisseNeverfull.jpg MatisseNeverfull2.jpg
  13. Thanks deluxeduck. That was the picture of the rose I had in mind. I just couldn't find it. Now we just need pics of the elusive cream and green matisse.
  14. Do we have confirmation that the "rose" pic is actually rose I always thought it was purple and the pink was paler
  15. i thought both of those pics were of the purple and one just has different lighting.