Colors for lizard Madame Claude?

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  1. Hello! I am in serious love after seeing carlinha's Madame Claudes in roccia lizard. I contacted the boutiques asking if they had them in "Java Lizard", but none of them seemed to be familiar with this color. The Vegas boutique responded saying they had the shoe in "Tejus", and sent me a photo. Does anyone know how many colors this shoe comes in, and whether or not the "Tejus" one is the same as carlinha's? It looks more yellow, and has less black/grey, but I wasn't sure if this was due to lighting/natural skin variation. I hope it's okay that I'm posting carlinha's photo here... I'll remove it if it's not appropriate! TIA!



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  2. I'm fairly certain it's the same shoe. From her photos, I think carlinha uses color correction on hers to brighten the photo up and the photo you have doesn't look like it was taken with a flash so the color looks duller.
  3. I think those are the same.
  4. Those are the same. SCP also has them.
  5. hello linda! yes those are the same shoes!

    the box of mine says: Madame Claude 120 Lizard Tejus, GY28 Roccia

    it is simply the difference in lighting... madison boutique has them as well
  6. These are gorgeous ? What do you wear them with usualy Carlinha ? :heart:
  7. vodkaine, thank you. i wear them with anything and everything... they are a nice neutral so they work with everything from skinny dark jeans to a skirt to a dress.
  8. Thanks for the help, ladies!

    carlinha, really loved your modeling pics of these shoes! :smile: Glad to hear that you find them really versatile. I was hoping for that, so I could justify paying full price for them! They'd be my first exotics, and my first pair over $1k :P Still contemplating though... How did you find the sizing? I think I read that you sized down a bit? The boutiques told me that they ran half a size small, or perhaps TTS due to being d'orsays...
  9. thank you linda :flowers: .... my feet are very bizarre... i have narrow heels and a high arch.... i sized down to a 35 in these (my US size is 6, and my old Louboutin sizing was usually a 36)... with the 35.5, i still had heel slippage, which is just the way it is with d'orsays. so i went down to a 35, and stretched out the toebox a little bit. if you have wider feet i would say go TTS or 1/2 size down at the most, if you have narrower feet/heels. hope this helps and good luck!
  10. Ahhh, the dreaded sizing conundrum! I suppose I will try TTS :smile: Thanks for the advice carlinha, and for letting me use your pic in this thread, even though I didn't ask :upsidedown: :flowers:
  11. no worries, it's always OK as long as its credited appropriately!