Colors For Lindy?

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  1. HI;) I absolutely love the Lindy!!! What colors are there please?


  2. well...many...what do you love?

    I will start

    This stunning one is rosy.
  3. Is there a tan or an orangey tan? Thanks!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Let us know if you need any help or have questions.
  6. I forgot to say there is a gold. (so, yes to tan)
  7. You Girls Are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!thank You So Much!!!!!!!!xo
  8. Rosy is an amazing color for lindy and my friend just got one in vert chart. There's also potiron and etoupe.
  9. I have the Lindy in Rouge Hermes and Lagon Swift.
  10. My home store has 3 or 4 on disolay in gold and curry, and one in potiron!

    Rosy is DELICIOUS! :love:
  11. There is also lagoon, bleu jean, white, ardoise, black and brown!
  12. I just bought a Lindy (34 cm) in cafe clemence. The brown is dark but not quite as dark as chocolat---more like a Hershey's Kiss.
  13. There is also Parchemin, Black, Blue Brighton, Rose Dragee & Rouge Garrance? I think!
  14. rosy sounds devine!

    i love pop/bright color on lindy. how about Vert Anis (is this available)? i have one in Chartreuse and love it!