Colors for Karo?

  1. Have we talked about this before????? 'Cause my last remaining two brain cells can't seem to recall.........

    I am dying for a Karo Clutch PM in a terrific COLOR because I've just been drooling over the "colors inside your bag" thread........and though I have a beutifull Karo in the GM size in gold Chevre I think I'd like a smaller version for my smaller bags.

    Anyone know the colors this baby comes in?

    And more importantly.....

    Which color should S'mom get to go inside a new Chocolate baby???????
  2. This may sound strange coming from me, but how about bleu jean?
  3. s'mom how about orange or potiron karo....the color will def. POP inside your choc kelly...:heart:
  4. fuschia or cyclamen! or orange! :biggrin:
  5. pink or bluejean!
  6. Colors I've seen:

    Chevre: Violette, Rouge VIF, Turquoise, Orange, Etoupe, Gold, Vert Anis, Thalassa Blue.

    For Choco Box--hmm....I am partial to Violette or Vert Anis
  7. How about vermillion? I just got a GM Karo in swift vermillion and I am completely in :heart: with the color.
  8. Blue Jean or Thalassa! Blue's and Brown's are my favorite...But then again, Orange would really pop!
  9. Oh Lordy......I think the Vert Anis sounds really nice and the Potiron too! Hmmmmmm.......maybe a Vert Anis Karo PM and a Potiron Picollo?????

  10. Violette & Thalassa would look beautiful with Chocolate. If they produce a Karo in Fuchsia & Rose Shocking, those are other great choices, too.
  11. I love the idea of the Karo in vert anis and piccolo in orange... or the other way around. I really think orange will pop more than the potiron.....
  12. Oh are probably right but just getting me to the Potiron stage is a really big thing!! LOL.....don't know WHAT I'd do with orange......probably go into shell-shock!
  13. Does anyone know whether this comes in exotics as well? .
  14. Oooo, what a beautiful color palette that would be in the chocolate bag!
  15. I have a Rose Shocking chevre Karo and LOVE it. :smile:

    Yes, Kou, they do. Perja and I saw one in chartreuse alligator once. Yummy!