colors for Caviar Shopper/Tote

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  1. I saw a picture from the 2006 Spring/Summer and Cruise line of a metallic gold quilted Caviar Shopper. Has anyone ever seen the shopper in metallics? This seems like it would be a good "practical" bag for me but it would be nice to have a fun color to spice it up a bit.
  2. Are you talking about the Grand Shopper? I've never seen it in gold, but I think I've seen a silver one? It also came in pink at one point.
  3. I think someone posted pics of the gold petite shopping tote in the reference library
  4. That 2006 line had a champagne goldish silverish color... I have a pochette from that line, and I remember back then seeing other styles. I know a member here has a PST in the same shade, which she found on eBay! :smile: