1. Ode to colors a bit curious... Do you tend toward certain colors...color ranges...such that you own multiple bags w/in the same color/range??? Do you find you use them all???

    Brown tones...2...yes...

    One lonely bright...yes...
  2. I tend toward black and near-black (ebene) as that goes best with my wardrobe. Then there is the attempt to round things out with classics/neutrals in not-too-light colors (rouge H, etoupe)...followed by the few bags that are sock-to-me colors (rouge vif and fuchsia; I rarely carry these bags though). Then there is potiron, which I use as both a neutral and a color pop.
  3. Everyone already knows this, hah...but bright colors for me! :biggrin: The colors I'd get the most use out of: Rose Shocking, Braise, Turquoise, White, and for a dark shade, Raisin :yes: I wear largely white with a bright color top or shoes, or white with black (and color would pop with that combo!)

  4. ^^^This sounds like me! Emphasis mainly on neutrals:

    Black - 5
    Brown - 3
    toile - 2

    with raisin (2) and gold as semi-bright and

    1 truly bright color - bluejean

    I use all my neutrals mostly and bring out my "brights" for planned events/outfits or weather-related days (ex: my bluejean is epsom and is a 35 - a perfect rainy day rough and ready large outing bag).
  5. Ditto. I am contemplating a blue jean though many would say this is just another neutral. Cheers to neutrals!!
  6. Brights for me, baby!!!:yahoo:The brighter - the better!!!:graucho: And yes, I use them all (as often as I can)!:wlae:
  7. I prefer browns and colors with brown undertones.
    I like black but in box leather and sometimes in chevre...
    I don't care for pinks or purples as much but love greens and some blues.
  8. I wear such bright clothes that I've tended to buy neutrals when it comes to my bags. Any neutrals, however - I'm not picky! All the naturals (LOVE these!), black, chocolate & ebene...and currently I'm into the grey spectrum....and I've ALWAYS loved toile!
  9. Ebene :heart:
    I need something black...and a blue Kelly someday...:love:

  10. I'm the complete opposite! I wear neutrals and carry bright colored bags now that I moved west. Used to wear neutrals and carry neutrals when I lived on the east coast. :yes:

    So, my collection has expanded (heh!) in terms of colors - still have a lot of black, grays, gold/brown and rouge H. But have added greens, orange, bright reds, pinks, blues to my "bag color portfolio".
  11. ^ it's funny, isn't it? And I live in the city of bright colours (we ALWAYS have bright colours in my store),,,,I have to SO neutrals, or buy them........elsewhere........LOL!
  12. I am definitely a neutral girl--with black x2, brown, raisin and BB...BB is as wild as I get!
  13. Ditto. By now, most of you have seen I actually wear black pants with bright colored coats and/or tops. Can't do the matchy-matchy thing with the bags, it's just too much, too contrived. So I stick with neutrals. Being a New Alaskaner, I like my black. Gold or etoupe for the summer, though. During the summer I switch to white pants with colored tops.
  14. Black - 3
    Navy/Indigo - 3
    Red - 1
    Brown (incl LV) - 3
    Creme - 1
    So from the above table - I think I am a neutral girl :biggrin: I am actually surprised how well navy works into my wardrobe, better than black. I think it might be because I wear jeans alot. :idea:

    Edited to say: counting all bags incl non-H :smile:
  15. Not with bags but I have that repetitive tendency for shoes.

    Thank goodness for my H bags I do have variety.

    One each of the following:
    thalassa blue
    etoupe w/ toile