Colors, colors....why must Coach toy with me like this?

  1. I got the spring catalouge yesterday and fell head over heels for the colors grass and pond. But, still not a big fan of the Bleeker duffle style. I didn't see any other styles being released in either of those colors. Oh why must Coach tease me this way? :hysteric:

    Couple questions: does anyone know if there will be any other styles (even Bleeker flap would do) released in these colors anytime in the future? Has anyone seen Pool in person and can you describe it? Finally, would you sell your Pond legacy shoulder bag for something in Pool?

    All opinions welcome! Thanks! :smile:
  2. I would not sell your Legacy Shoulder bag for a bag in the pool color. The pond is a very exclusive color, I called 1800-Coach and they don't know about any pond being made next Spring, they don't even really know what the new spring colors are going to be as we are still in winter. I believe they are going with Pool for next year. If I had a pond bag I would not trade it to the pool color unless you are not using your pond bag. If a bag is not being used I would sell it to get another bag but only if I am not using it.
  3. ^^What she said. I wouldn't sell it just yet... I was just at the boutique to pick up some charms for Christmas gifts and asked if the colors in the spring booklet were the only new colors for spring. The SA there said that she was pretty sure that's the styles and colors that are set. For now. So, hold onto your bag, there still may be hope!

    (Of course, the SA could be wrong, too...)

    And, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't care for the duffle. It looks like a bucket to me IMO :shrugs: