Colors available in Carly vs Slim Carly

  1. I noticed on the website that Coach will be releasing the Carly in khaki/beet later this month (Large on 12/12 and medium on 12/20). Does anyone know whether there will be additional colors released for the Slim Carly? If so, how far into the future? Also, please correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like the new Slim Carly will only be available in one size. I'm excited about the Slim Carly, but I'm also excited to see what will be available on 12/26 :yahoo:
  2. the carly has been out in khaki/beet, it is just sold out right now until those dates. As far as the slim carly, I am not an SA but I would imagine in a few months if the bag is popular they will most likely come out with additional colors.. but the slim carlys just came out so it will be a little bit. hth!
  3. The slim carly is nice, but i think i like the medium better.... although the blue leather is realllllly pretty- even though i wouldn't have much use for it!
    i want to know where the khaki saddle went in the medium carly?!
  4. I like the medium Carly better too! But the slim was very pretty!!! :tup: You may be able to order the khaki/saddle thru JAX...give them a call to see if there are any available!!!!
  5. I think you may be able to order through jax, if not I have seen them still in the department stores! :yes:
  6. Macy's still has med khaki/saddle on their site. That was a really pretty bag. I like the idea of the 'in-between" size Carly but I want to see it in some other colours (chocolate!).