colors available for mini flaps?

  1. Hi all, I have been craving for a caviar mini flap (single flap can be worn messenger style), but I would like one in a bright color.....I have seen it in black, beige, white, pink and navy. But don't really want any of those colors...have you seen any other colors??
  2. I also have only seen it in beige, black, white and pink..
  3. I have it in orange patent.
  4. a red one or a bubble gum one would be nice!! anyone seen one in those colors??
  5. havent seen any red ones around.. i have the pink :yes: but a bubble gum mini sounds nice... :tup:
  6. i saw a maroon coloured one on Lindsay Lohan and i have a peach one...

  7. happy berrie,
    how do you enjoy your pink one? do you still have it? i just recently purchased one too, can't wait to receive it.
  8. May i know how much is the retail??
    Anybody has the white one?? Any pic??
    I love the mini flaps but I only saw the beige and black.