colors and sizes

  1. hey everyone,
    i'm new here
    i was more or less over the motorcycle bags for awhile, but then i'm starting to love them again.

    i always have soo much trouble deciding because most of the time i order over the phone and it's so tough to decide between the city and the first. so i'd like to know what kinds of colors do you all think look best on each style/size bag? (ie. darker colors for the first, etc)
    for fall i got a blueberry city and am waiting for my blue/grey city to come in... but i'd really like to get a first.

  2. you can see all the varieties in the stickies on the top list of this forum :P
    there's so many people with the ladies in this PF with their bags, maybe you can have ur decision by looking at them. because i think it's very personal thing, everyone had their own style adn decide what looks good on each of their style...
    good luck and welcome to this forum :P
  3. I think a red first would be a great choice to stand out from your other bags! I am such a red-lover these days, I seem to be trying to push it on everyone!
  4. thanks for the feedback guys :smile: a red first does sound cute... but i've already got a rouge theatre city, along with a black city and a silver classique. it's mad cos you see colors you like and you think "oh that's the ULTIMATE", but every season balenciaga keep surprising us with more and more fabulous colors...
    do you guys feel that the richer, brighter colors are ever too overwhelming for a city or larger?
    you really think about it differently, though, when you see them every day and in the boutique. in paris, i feel the motorcycle bag buying process is a lot less...strategic? you just walk in, see what they have, and check back if they haven't got what you want. i feel i'm less picky when i'm not in the shop.
  5. pink, welcome and congrats on your blueberry. i would have to say the rouge vif first. if you're looking for your first to really pop, definitely get it in the rouge. also, the rouge vif has been reported to have consistent great leather.