Colorful Spy Bag ???

  1. Hi all. hehe, ok. I saw this Fendi Spy Bag a bit back, in the Fendi area in Bloomingdale's in Roosevelt Field Mall. (long island, ny).

    It was a Spy, I think Canvas, not sure...could have been leather I don't remember. It was black background with like grey, red, purple, a blue i think were the colors...of fendi logos. the inside was the regular zucca if i remember. i tink the lady said it was 1,700$-1,800$. is this a not well-known style? does anyone own it and if so, do you have pictures. any info on this style would be helpful, i wanna see if i could get it. this was like awhile back though, so im not sure if its even here anymore, but it's worth a ****. thanks everyone ^^
  2. :wtf: omg typo lol sorry, i mean SHOT*

  3. I just did a search, the Spalmati Spy it's called....nothing like answering your own post, dunno why I couldn't find it before, mustve worded my searches wrong :crybaby:

    anyways, i'm gonna call about it and se if its still around =/
  4. Sounds interesting, do you have a picture of it
  5. There is a picture of it on this list that Greendrv posted Fendi Spy Bag List

    It's near the bottom of the page :smile:
  6. i don't post a lot but the link is worthy of

  7. LMAO! Hi! That's so sweet of you, I adore your posts too lollol.

    Yush, that's the bag...I'm worried about looking ridiculous in it though, lol (im 5'1 and don't wanna look like i'm carrying the cirque du soleil tent roof on my arm)....honestly, when i saw it in Bloomie's i was im like...does bloomies sell authentics..ive never seen this one, nobody knows about it, what if Bloomies is pulling a secret covert operation on me!!! but, alas, it's very real lol. it's nice but i don't know if i LOVE the color combos. i dunno...i'm not gaga over it, but i dig if i saw it again i'd buy it. i wouldn't put out an APB on it, but i'd buy it if i happen to fumble upon one semi-purposely. lol.

    nicky hilton went to my college for like, a day. so did amy fisher, the long-island lolita- haha
  8. There is a used one available at for $850, with additional pictures for you to look at.:yes:

    A Pinch Of Rosemary
  9. this is a 100% authentic site? im sure it is, im just curious cause i never seen it before, hehe ^^
  10. Is this the same Pinch who sells accessories on eBay!?:wtf: If so, I hafta add this site to my favorites! She's a sweetheart and her stuff's authentic:yes: .
  11. It is an authentic seller's site. :yes:

    I contacted the seller yesterday because they usually have 2 Spies selling at a time on eBay and I wanted to know if they were going to be posting any cognac/chocolate bags. The seller told me to send an email to and they would put me on an email alert list. So I hit up the site and found 3 on there right now (including a cognac, but unfortunately it is sold pending payment).:crybaby:

    No worries, I just purchased my first Spy and I'm SO excited to receive it (hopefully next week)!!!:yahoo:

    And katgrrrl it is the same person - thanks to you (I read a post of yours on eBay) I am an avid watcher of their merchandise!!! Thanks - you're the gal!! :queen:
  12. yeah honey I bought the cognac! But I'm defenitivly sure she will get another one soon, she gets spy bags so often.
  13. OMG that's so funny! Small world. I'm jealous; you'll have to post pics of how beautiful it really is once you get it!!!
  14. Egads, great site! Hopefully I just grabbed up that Zucca! I got an order confirmation email, but for some reason it's not yet listed as sold on the site :shrugs: , so I don't want to get toooo excited in case someone else got it before me :crybaby: But keep your fingers crossed for me!! I've been going back and forth with myself over the zucca, especially seeing you ladies post awesome pics... so I said what the heck! Couldn't pass it up at that price!