Colorful reveal!

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  1. Bought two colorful goodies in Amsterdam anybody want to see?

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  2. Yes! Open! Open!
  3. Really hard to get the stunning color right in a photo! But here goes. Firstly without flash/ indoor light:

  4. With flash:


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  5. And finally; in daylight/outside:

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  6. Thank you!
    Yes,I think they are just stunning!!!
  7. Congrats on these two lovely beauties! Is this the new violet prune color? Enjoy!
  8. Thank you!
    Yes,it is :smile:
  9. Congrats, they are beautiful! :love:
  10. Ahhhh! So so gorgeous! I am drooling!!
  11. Thank you!!
  12. Thanks! :smile:
  13. Lovely! I was wondering what this colour would look like - it's beautiful! Congratulations ❤️
  14. Many CONGRATS Sunna....she is gorgeous! Always amazes me how Bal colors change up in various lighting like your pics. Wear in the best of health & happiness! :flowers: