Colorful new ipods and hello kitty nano cases

  1. They just released a bunch of new ipods at Apple. I love the pink nano. I already have a pink ipod mini! In related news, I saw some cute nano covers you may like from sanrio. I have the pink charmmy kitty one for my white nano.
    Welcome to your Sanrio Direct

    nanocase1.jpg nano case 2.jpg
  2. :nuts: Love the hello kitty cases!!!
  3. You can order one from that link. The one I have is great. They come with 2 plastic shields that go between your ipod and the case so it is completely protected. But it is sensitive enough that you can use the wheel & button with the case on. However the directions are in japanese! I'm sure we can help you translate it if you get one.
  4. Cute! I love Hello Kitty.
  5. I love anything Sanrio! :nuts: I'm drawn to the new nanos, even though I have a green mini that I love :heart: I kinda want a pink one :shame:
  6. I love the new nanos ! My mom is thinking about getting one, well, making me get her one - I'm so impressed that she's so technologically up to date !
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Yes, thank you!! I love hello Kitty & I am just about to get an ipod!
  9. Those cases are adorable! I wanna buy one now! :love:
  10. love the hello kitty. where can we get those.
  11. I posted the link of the online sanrio store, or buy it at the sanio store where you live. I'll take pix of my cute case this weekend.
  12. I love Hello Kitty, thank you for sharing. =)
  13. i am soooo glad that apple changed the nano shape to be more like the mini! I love the mini shape and material, it's so smooth and unscratchable! I'm definetly going to get a new nano- probably for christmas, when my warranty runs out on my current iPod
  14. oh very nice I think i mite buy one too?
  15. I love the colors!
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