colorful flaps in nm boston

  1. went there last nite, saw a large pink flap and a peach one both caviar. lots of black ones and a cream lambskin one. and of course, locked in the window, a pearl small reissue and e/w satin croc black flap.
  2. Was the pink the light color? Thanks!
  3. oooh eye candy. Sounds like they have a gorgeous collection there
  4. WOW..yes what color was the pink?
  5. Ommmggg
  6. ooooh peach!! that sounds so yummy!
  7. Were the pink and peach flaps definitely the Large size or is there a chance that they were Jumbo size? Thanks!

  8. aside from the satin croc, were any of those the e/w size? i love the boston neiman's--they always keep a good stock of colored flaps!
  9. NM Tysons had a light pink medium lamb, a coral e/w lamb, saddle (tan) e/w and medium lamb, blue fonce and baby blue (powder blue) medium lambs, pearl reissue (but frankly it looked a little caved in), the black satin coco croc, which I imagine is stunning in one of the color offerings. It was nice in black but the colors from ads look yummy. The satin seemed very durable, tight woven. I know it's still cloth and not leather and expensive.
  10. Are these cruise flaps, or flaps from previous seasons that they put out?
    I emailed my NM SA's assistant for info on spring/summer colors and she said they didn't even know cruise colors yet :confused1:
  11. I was just on the phone with NM Boston last week, and I asked what color flaps they had, and the SA just said black and white! I guess they could have gotten some in from another store, or she didn't care to look and tell me what colors she DID have.
  12. candy pink i think, not light
  13. ling0882434 - I have a few questions, if you don't mind my asking. :smile: I ordered the pink caviar flap, because I've been looking for a perfect condition one forever... I really hope this one is it! :smile: Is this the color of the flap you saw (

    Also, you mentioned a peach flap... was it this coral colored flap ( :smile:
    Thanks so much! :heart:
  14. They're not cruise flaps, they're previous seasons backstock. :smile: My NM usually has a lot of colors too (recently a coral medium caviar classic flap which I'd already purchased from the year before, otherwise I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat haha)... I also found my '05 hot pink medium caviar flap there... they seem to have hidden treasures!! :smile: IMO, NM consistently seems to have the most color variety, but maybe my opinion is skewed because I purchase 99% of my Chanel bags from there. :p

  15. ^This happened to me before as well--we probably spoke to the same SA. There is definitely someone there who doesn't know or worse, doesn't care, about what's in stock!