Colorful Classic Flaps

  1. Do colorful Classic Flaps ever surface, and what are my chances for getting one?

    I'm thinking mustard, green, purple, blue caviar leather. Is this just a pipe dream?
  2. no, they're around:yes:
    I'd call a NM and have an SA do a check for you, there's some pretty great colors floating around out there!
  3. Thank you Swanky, you are alway great w/ info :flowers:. Do you know what some of the available colors are?

    I called around 3 months ago, and every NM and Saks I talked to only had the basic black, white and beige. Do you guys think that since Fall is arriving, there'll be a bigger chance of me obtaining a colorful flap?

    Does anyone have any idea what either the current S/S or upcoming F/W colors will include?
  4. When they come out, or you see one, GRAB it. They dont last long.
  5. they sure don't .
    The moment I see one I'd grab it. :tup:
  6. They are out there. I think they are harder to find than your basic black or something, but you can do it. I've seen plenty and most are beautiful!
  7. I never see them either and when they pop up on eBay they skyrocket to over retail, usually.
  8. That's funny that you mention colored flaps... they are my passion!! :tender::love: They are definitely not as easy to locate, but a persistent SA can definitely get the job done (and eBay can also be a goldmine when sellers don't charge two times the retail price haha). :smile:

    Some colors that I know of:

    A blue/grey called blue fonce (which you might be able to find now), the '07 red (the Jumbo with the bijoux chains is gorgeous, I have that one), the '05 hot pink, but it is called red as well (I have that in the medium classic flap in caviar)... I got very lucky in finding it, but it's very difficult to locate... a purple from Fall '06, which I'm dying to find in a classic flap (I hava a cute camera case in that color). :smile:

    Hmm.. there is a mint green color I've seen on eBay in a bowler and Medallion tote, for example... there is a pink that is more readily availabe (I have in the Medallion tote and bowler styles), the '05 bright cherry red (my HG red which I found an e/w in after two years of looking recently!), a deeper red from fall '06, a gorgeous coral color (I have a medium caviar flap in that color), I've seen an olive green flap on ebay, a bunch of brighter colors in the perfo range (green, which I had an exchanged, orange/red, yellow, blue)... etc. etc. :smile: Ohh, and navy patent flaps are gorgeous too (they are coming back this fall... I have an e/w in it and it's soo pretty)!! Ohh, and I just saw in Lucky magazine a new GREEN Chanel lambskin satchel, which I'm assuming will come out sometime in the near future... but it was something like $3,500! :nogood: Hopefully Chanel will produce some more gorgeous colored flaps in the not too distant future, and us flap lovers can get them! :tup: Sorry for the novel of a post haha, wow. :smile:
  9. I really look forward to getting my first Chanel flap bag & I think I will get a blue one, not black or white for sure! Second choice will be grey. I think I may be interested in the blue/grey fieryfashionist mentioned about. Any photos ? Anyone has idea I can find those easily? Also I'm planning to visit HK in Nov., do you think I'm lucky enough to get a colored flap over there?

    BTW, where can I get a better deal for a flap bag? US? Canada? HK? The exchange rate is so extreme now. (Oh, I'm from Canada anyway & not close to any Chanel stores):wondering
  10. i have that blue color, that's from last year fall. i love it so much!
    10. Dark Blue Caviar East-West Classic Flap Bag.JPG
  11. I also wanted it! Is it around all season? Or are they seasonal?
  12. i also want a colored flap i have 4 chanel bags and they are all black
  13. NM in White Plains, NY has quite a few flap colors just a couple weeks ago. I recall a pretty powder blue...
  14. :nuts:'s is this the blue/gray colour? OH, can I ask how much & what size is that? :rolleyes: Since I'm new to Chanel, need some education...
  15. Since we are talking about colors...this one is not leather, but the color is gorgeous!!!