Colorfading/ Collonil ??

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  1. I posted this in the care forum also but thought people would check down here 1st - is it ok to spray with collonil after you've been moisturizing regularly?? I apply LMB botanical silk moisturiser about every othermonth or so on my pebbled RM but havent applied any type of uv coating yet. I was pondering this since on occasion I do travel out of Arizona and go to places where there might be rain, snow etc. Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi Ariel

    My general care regimen for my bags is to take them out, put moisturising cream on them and once that has been absorbed, to spray with Collonil Waterstop with built in UV protector.

    If I take a bag out to wear and I don't have time to moisturise but the weather looks like it could turn to rain, I spray with Collonil before I go out.
  3. Thanks very much!! :smile:
  4. As I understand it Mulberry and BE pebbled leathers have similar parentage so this is how I've used Collinil products on my Mulberry who recommend the product.

    I know it sounds the wrong way around but if it was a brand new bag then you spray with collonil first and then apply any cream if needed. I think the only reason it's recommended that the process is done this way around initially is to lessen the likelihood of the colour altering which some nourishing creams can do. You need to reapply the collinil every few months or so, so the fact you will be spraying an already treated bag in your case does not matter at all.

    Give the bag a good old drench with the collonil spray, don't worry about the hardwear, the spray can be wiped off. Leave the bag to dry naturally and then give it a good buff with a soft cloth or paper towel. You need to use the spray outdoors or in a well ventilated room, that's very important. :smile:
  5. Tote's right about the ventilated room! I always spray my bags when new and then do the routine described above. I have never actually moisturised my pebbled leather bags but I will do so.

    In terms of cream, I use either Collonil cream or Clarke's premium leather cream.
  6. My regime:
    Glossy leather..nothing at first. But after breaking down, I spray with a protectant w/ UV

    Sheen..a good leayer of lotion..buff, so the leather relaxes a bit..then the spray

    Matte..nothing..I like the natural oils to come out and soften the bag..and thus protect it..but in case of a bag subjected to real hard wear like rain or mud or through the airport..I will clean the bag, and give it a bit of lotion.

    Thick mattes/ country mattes..absolutly nothing, since it can darken the leather. The natural oils will lay as a thin film to protect with time and use..the more the better.When dirty, I just wipe off .

    Pebbled leather..just a spray..perhaps. I have done this with the coloured types..not with the Black..I could do this one too ;)

    Croc..nothing at first, but after softening up a spray..perhaps..

    Pewter/ gold , and crash leathers..nothing at all..this might even ruin the bag

    I use Classic clothing care products ( the Lotion w/ silk and the spray Protector)