Colored soles... following in the path of CL

  1. It seems with CL's growing popularity, his red soles are drawing the attention of other shoe designers. I think I even saw Paris Hilton's new footwear line w/ light pink soles... :huh:

    What do we think about others "inspired" by CL and adding color to their soles? And now that we've experienced the original colored sole, would we ever buy any other high-end brand that colors their soles as well--be it electric blue, kelly green, taxi yellow soles?
  2. I think other colors outside of red add more flavor to the shoe, which I don't mind. Everyone knows there can only be one red sole king. What bothers me are all the red sole shoes popping up on (outside of OhDeer!). That to me, makes the CL experience and ownership a little less special.
  3. I think it's unethical ... but that sounds really weird and uptight.
  4. From what I've read, CL wasn't the original colored sole, or even the first to use a red sole. But he was the first one to make it so popular and recognizable. There's a darker red sole out there by Cesare Paciotti, doesn't look nearly as hot as CL though.

    I dont mind other colors on the sole as long as they aren't red, but none of them seem to look as classy or striking as CL. None of them make me gasp. As for whether I'd buy them...I dont know. I'd have to be really in love with the shoe and lately nothing outside of CL excites me. :s
  5. I saw that Versace has red soles on the shoes, now. I saw a picture of the new shoes, with red soles in a magazine. I hate that they couldn't come up with their own color for the soles.
  6. I don't mind colored soles. Although CL popularized and "icon-ized" it, he certainly didn't invent it. I think any color on soles makes shoes a little more interesting. I've got a pair of Betsey Johnson shoes with hot pink soles. It definitely suits her aesthetic.

  7. Actually versaces are orange!
  8. Remember how CL said the red came from Chanel's nail polish color? I wonder what shade name it was... :wondering: ...Someone ask him at a signing when you see him! :smile:
  9. has used red soles for years.

    interesting read on history of red soles. so unless c. louboutin was around in 1627 hes not the original. just a thought. ;)

    Already in 1627 gentlemen were wearing light-coloured boots with red heels and the edges of the soles stained red. The red heel became popular for aristocratic and court wear in the 1630s and continued in fashion well into the 18th century. By 1630, a protective additional sole galosh made from thick leather or wood, was used to keep the fine boots and shoes from the dirt of the streets. Shoes, by that time less fashionable for the gentleman, were ankle-high, with the sides cut out, and closed with satin ribbons. The heels came well under the instep and were about 2 inches high, covered in leather with matching or contrasting colour.
  10. I have a pair of Paciotti shoes... I agree that some of his designs aren't as nice but he's still got a good brand of shoes!
  11. [​IMG]

    While I'm madly in LOVE with CL and their red soles.... I also absolutely ADORE my Paciotti shoes as well..... it's mostly to do with their embellishment and the signature metal dagger peeking out underneath the red sole.
  12. i think other colored soles are fine - my new ysl tribute sandals have gold soles, which i love b/c it coordinates with the gold trim! :tup:

    altho it did make me think of the recent gold-painted-sole incident when i first saw them! :sad:
  13. I think coloured soles are very cool! I just don't like it when a brand creates a red sole after Louboutin in practically the same red. That's just not cool.
  14. Red soles for other designers make me mad. You cant be original, you have to knock off someone elses? But I like different colored soles, like the Betsy Johnson ones where they have a pink flower print.
  15. I saw the Alexander McQueen hot pink soles and loved them. The shoes they were on, not so much. Miu Miu also did pale pink soles this season, it's adorable. And my Jil Sander flats have bright orange soles. I think it's a good idea. I'd love to see pale blue soles not that CL doesn't SO them...