Colored sand

  1. LOL, ok this is kind of a strange question.....I bought a couple of jars of purple colored sand from Crate and Barrel for my second bedroom that I use as a guest room/office. I am going to get a bookshelf, and would like to include some purple accent pieces. What kind of container should I use for the sand? Should I just get one of those wide bowls, fill it with sand and use it to anchor candles? Or should I get a vase and fill it with some kind of flowers that won't look too tacky? Help! Thanks
  2. i would get a tall cylinder type container (glass) and fill it halfway with sand..then put flowers..etc to fill up the rest..pretty much any shape will do. And the candle idea is cute too!
  3. we have a low wooden tray thats filled with sand with little tea lights in it... looks really pretty.

    I think the trick is to just not use so much sand or so many layers of sand and objects that it looks like one of those "sand arts" from the fair? Keep it fairly simple and I'm sure anything you do with it will look good.
  4. You could get a tall slender piece of glass, fill it up half way( or a little less/more) go get some of those clear rocks from the crafts store that come in many different colors and put those on top of the sand. It would be cute if you could find some purple rocks, if not-use clear and the purple sand will show through and make them look purple. let me see if i can find the rocks Im talking about...
    Ahh here ya go..

    and you could put one flower in whatever you decide to use to make it look a little more classic.

    You could use somethings like this
    Fill the bottom with sand and the rest with the rocks and put one flower in there, like this.. :biggrin:

    let us know what you decide to do with the sand, I would love to see pictures!
  5. Will do, but it'll probably take me at least another month or so to decide!
  6. I ended up getting these cute little vases at CB2 over the weekend. I think they will be cute after I put in the purple sand. I will take pictures of them on my shelf after I buy the shelf! LOL