Colored or Fancy Diamonds

  1. So my boyfriend keeps talking marriage and I've already been told that I'll get to pick out my own ring (we're not officially engaged yet, he's working up the nerve ;) ). So ladies I'm thinking of getting a canary diamond or maybe another colored diamond. Has anyone bought colored diamonds? Is it best if I go to the diamond district in NYC, buy off Ebay and then get the stone checked out elsewhere? I'm in DC btw. I have no idea what my budget is, but I think despite what he offers I'll keep it around 10k, I just wouldn't be comfortable wearing much more than that! (Btw. do people really follow the so-called three month rule? I can't imagine. I'd be worried about being mugged in broad daylight or losing the ring).
  2. I love fancy colored diamonds, they are my favorite to work with.

    You're best bet is to first decide what shape or color you are interested in. I can also suggest some very unique combinations if you want help.
  3. i adore fancy coloured diamonds. just make sure the gia report states it is natural fancy and not heated or otherwise treated.
    but i do not know about prices in us but 10k$ does not help in europe or the middle east to get a good stone in a size large enough to be a center stone. :hrmm:
  4. Japster,

    Thanks! I was thinking probably a canary colored diamond round-cut with two smaller accent diamonds set in platinum. Really sort of boring, but I'm fickle and it seems like a classic choice. Btw. I'm in an intro. to jewelry making class myself, but I'm still learning the basics (and breaking saw blades often).


    I was thinking 1 ct or so for the center stone (I haven't really begun sizing things yet though). Would 10k be enough? I don't mind going higher, but I wasn't looking for a large stone, just something more interesting than a plain colorless center stone. And of course a visually clean stone. I think probably if I want a rarer color I would have to pay significantly more, but I think a canary colored stone set in platinum would work well with my existing jewelry which is a mix of yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver. It seems more "neutral."

    I should have known that you had some colored diamonds to go with all of those fabulous Hermes bags. ;)

    As for size of the stone, I have some nice jewelry, but honestly people in DC don't wear much fancy jewelry and I've often been uncomfortable about in public even wearing large pieces of gold, like a large gold bracelet or earrings. People end up staring at my jewelry. Its a little disconcerting and I ride the Metro to work and around the city, so I'd rather be a little cautious because it would be an everyday ring. I'm from South Florida and down there I can wear anything without attracting so much attention.
  5. well i do not know the prices in the us but i can tell for sure that a (gia stated)fancy intense (or even light) yellow diamond of 1ct in a vvsi and better quality and a good to very good cut and proportion (very importan if these are incorrect or poorly executed the stone looses its brilliance) definately costs more than that.
    oh and on a side note please make sure when you get the platinum band that the actual prngs tht hold the stone are made in yellow gold as it just compliments and intesivies the colour of the stone and looks better ;) :flowers:
  6. You can most def. get a beautiful GIA cert'd stone at that price.
    But "canary" actually isn't the proper term, you would want to call it "fancy yellow." Some Jewelers are very offended by the term "canary" (not me personally but just a heads up).

    In general, the deeper the yellow- the more expensive the stone. So for example, I've sold a Fancy Light yellow GIA 1.91 VS2 Oval diamond for $11,800 but I've also sold a Fancy VIVID yellow GIA 1.20 SI2 Oval for $14,000.

    I would be happy to help you narrow down your parameters and recommend a few people in your area. I've worked with a few wonderful jewelers in the NYC area as well that do 'almost as good' custom rings as I do. :lol:
  7. :shocked: wow so it seem the prices in the us are much lower then in europe
  8. I have a 3 1/2 carat cushion cut diamond with yellow diamonds surrounding it...its amazing. It just gives it a very unique look! How exciting for you. I looked for months and spent alot of time with our jewler designing mine...HAVE FUN!! Enjoy the process. :smile:
  9. well i trust my jeweller and as i just want f-if or vvs1 at the max it comes with a tag :shame:
    oh i love fancy colours mixed. like pink with yellow or blue with green or the most fantastic purplish pink with chameleon :love:
  10. I've always been under the impression that white diamonds cost more than colored diamonds. A few years back, I had argued with someone that colored diamonds are worth more, but he shot me down straight!

    What are the rarest colors for diamonds?
  11. coloured ones are more expensive when taken the same standarts (with the exception ob brown and black diamonds that are cheaper then white)
    the rarity goes from red over green to blue over pink and then yellow ;)
  12. You ladies are so fabulous! Thanks for all the great tips, keep them coming! Like yellow gold prongs to hold the stone and the pricing info, also that I should call it a "fancy yellow." This is really fun. I guess I do have to wait until the poor man officially proposes. He keeps mentioning it and lately he was saying we should get married in the next year - I was like 'sweetie, you haven't proposed yet.' I think I'm ok with a VS1 stone, I know F and IF are higher quality, but still.

    That ring on Ebay is so decadent looking. I'd probably go for something simplier, but its fun to look at!

    Another stone I would like to have jewelry made with is Alexandrite, because of the color changing properites.
  13. The blue with green sounds divine to me. Well it all sounds divine. I'm sure the diamonds you're purchasing are fairly priced for the quality. They must be amazing.

    One other interesting thing I read was that colored diamonds are actually priced lower than white diamonds if you take into account their rarity. (This is probably also due to price controls on colorless diamonds). I've told my boyfriend, you know just so gets that its a better 'investment.' :smile:
  14. winternight, I tried to send you a PM regarding this thread, but your mailbox is full. :smile: