Colored Mulberry "skins" bags

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  1. Hello,

    I just bought another Mabel...the snakeskin Mabel. I've seen the snakeskins in pink and blue and other colors and this snakeskin has a tan look to it. It doesn't look as natural as my Agyness snakeskin. Are they dyed? I noticed that Michael Kors has some orange and teal ones this season. Obviously they've had some color added in some way.
  2. Yes, I would say they are dyed in a special way...couldn't say what method they use though. I'm sure they have specific, different methods of dying all the various types of leather.

    At college I used to dye all sorts of fabrics and papers etc in my art and textiles classes and we had ridiculous amounts of different dyes, salts, water baths, temperature guides etc - I can imagine it would be a painfully laborious process to dye snakeskin...hense the prices, lol!
  3. I guess so...I'm just not sure about the oranges, pinks and teals. Mine could really pass for a natural color but it seems to have a bit more tan throughout than my Agyness which seems to have more variation in the skin.