Colored Leggings

  1. Does it matter who wears them? Are all colors ok?
  2. I´d say colors that contrast with your skin, I mean same rule than regular clothes. I think it´s better to wear them when you have a funky style, and most of all the legs for it.
    Overall it is easier to wear colored tights than leggings.
  3. I prefer coloured tights. Leggings are a bit trickier to wear in colour so I mostly stick to black.
  4. Say no to leggins!!!

    Tights are OK.
  5. Yeah, but are colored leggings like colored jeans? Or are they completely different? How are leggings so different from tights? In what way?
  6. Jeans are trousers, leggings are not and shouldn't be worn as such.
    you can have cotton leggings or tights material leggings. First ones to be worn with dress-sweater dress in a casual sportstyle.
    Tight leggings be worn with baby doll dress or skirt above knee (because by showing ankle it cuts the lenght of the leg.) Good if you need to wear sandals or ballet flats.
    Tights are more dressy, you can wear any lenght of skirt or dress with it. And can spice up a boring outfit with coloured ones.
  7. If you want to go for color, go for tights instead of leggings.
  8. I agree with everyone else. If you want color, tights are easier to pull off rather than leggings. Colored leggings tend to look kind of frumpy in my opinion. Tights are easier to wear because they're thinner and opaque. As a result, it finishes off an outfit without being the main focus.
  9. I wouldn't wear colored leggings. It is difficult to make them work well, and I'm not willing to take the chance. As a general rule, I only wear black leggings so that the bottom doesn't show anyway (i.e. with boots, ankle boots), so they serve as a casual alternative (and a more substantial one) under sweater dresses and the like.

    Like others have said, colored tights look more pulled-together than leggings do, and I think they are more fashionable on the whole.
  10. I guess if you want to be on the safe side, choose neutral colors, such as black, dark brown, even navy will look different but still subtle.
    For my own personal taste, I wouldn't go for bright colors just because it could make the whole outfit wrong.
    But, if you're the kind that dares to be different, try it! HTH :smile:
  11. Thanks for all your great replies. I still don't understand why so many are against colored leggings. I'm not sure what makes them "tricky".
  12. I think it´s more that it´s "risky" !
    Of course then you can spend your life in black opaque tights, bc it´s easy to put together, but what´s the point ?KWIM ?
    Bc I´m part of the people who can totally wear colored leggings and make them ROCK , I like and approve ! (and I´m French)
    So how to make them work ? I´d say in a casual environment, have to have thin legs, and be quite young and trendy looking. So of course it´s not given, but if it is why not ? nothing wrong with colored leggings or tights. I get compliments with these all the time !!
  13. Okay, I see. That's what I meant by,"Does it matter who wears them?" You need to very young and twiggy. Usually I select navy and black for my legs and rear (shorts), but for some reason, I have been going crazy for colors. I already missed the colored jeans thing.

    I don't want hose, I want tights or material, but when push comes to shove, I might not put them on after all. I've just been looking around. I think I am 6 months behind, fashion-wise. :sad:
  14. They are risky because lighter colors (i.e. not black or very dark grey) show imperfections far more easily. In other words, in a well-lit situation lighter leggings will easily show any bumps, cellulite or other shape issues with your legs. Since most women past their very early 20's have something they would prefer not to accentuate, it makes colored leggings trickier.

    Colored tights are not the same, and tights generally do not show imperfections they way leggings do. Additionally, people seem to pair tights with different combinations and cover them up a bit more (i.e. they don't try to pass off a long sweater as a dress), which lends more camoflauge to the risky bits, too.

    But if you are young and have fabulous, thin legs, then in a casual situation you can probably make colored leggings work.
  15. I wear gray...?