Colored Leather Jackets...

  1. Hi there! I saw this style of leather jacket in Arden B today and they look horrible in the photos (they look much thinner and vinyl-like) but they are actually substantial leather in person and quite soft as it's made from lambskin (I was carrying my Hayden Harnett havana so my standards of soft leather was quite high!). I like that they fit me very well (I'm usually a size 0 and XXS fit like a dream!) and the sleeves are 3/4 cut so it looks good on my petite frame.

    Now, I am confused on the color... I only have 1 leather jacket, a Tracey Reese in off-white so I was wondering if a colored one would be nice this time-- sort of a POP to darker-hued fall outfits! Or should I stick to black/brown because it's more sophisticated? I actually tried on the yellow (the icky yellow in the photo is not how it looks IRL), it has more green-ish undertones in person and looked very special & unique... the blue also looks special...

    Opinions would be great! TIA!
    Black.jpg Blue.jpg Green.jpg
  2. Well, blue is really in for this fall. Black is more classic, I guess. So I would probably get the black.
  3. Mmmm...I like the yellow...with a nice pair of dark jeans and brown boots.

  4. Mmmm....and I just saw the shoes....

    There are sexy sexy shoes there...mmm.
  5. Mmmm....and I just saw the shoes....

    There are sexy sexy shoes there...mmm.
  6. Cute jackets! Imo, i would go for the black because it is more classic and you will probably get more wear out of it.
  7. Thanks girls! I thought about getting a classic (black, brown) because it would always be wearable but there is something very attractive about a colored jacket especially since my fall/winter wardrobe mainly consist of darker hues. Also, my wool coats/other jackets are either black/brown so is it an argument that I already have the brown/black covered in my outerwear "portfolio" so I can opt for another color? I mean, sure I can wear black more but I have other black jackets I can wear when I need one. If I get this in black, it will just "compete" with my other black jackets for attention.... Am I crazy or do I make sense??? :wondering
  8. I would go with whichever goes with most of your clothing. The colored ones look more unique and would be great if your clothing is mostly neutrals. The style isn't really classic and will eventually date itself so I wouldn't say you HAVE to go with black or brown for longevity. If you already have black and brown covered I wouldn't repear it unless there is something different (i.e., lighweight jacket vs heavy weight coat) to avoid duplicates.
  9. I love Arden B, and this yellow/mustard is the same color used in a few of their tops I have... I have a deep tan skintome, so the color really pops. :smile: I have a brown peplum hem leather jacket from Arden B too (last year I think), and the leather is way more substantial than in the pics... they just don't it justice! I actually just bought a gorgeous yellow Bebe trench, so I probably would get the black in this... the blue seems too crayon bright for jeans (though it's cool), but it would probably look great with white jeans, and paired with black, it would be an edgy, 80's type of look. :smile: I
  10. I actually like the yellow a lot. But of course, you should look over your wardrobe and if you don't have much that would look good paired with yellow, I'd say the black is great too. I don't care for the blue too much makes me think of a crayon color, personally.
  11. Thanks so much for the input-- I was there tonight and tried on the colors! I actually had my mind set on the yellow but surprisingly, the shade of blue (I did not see this last night as they were just putting the new collection out) is not at all like in the picture! It's much deeper blue, not crayon blue (Arden B should really work on their pictures, they don't do the beautiful clothes justice). And the leather on it seemed thicker than the yellow so I bought it instead. I think it can pretty much do what a black jacket can, just with more pizazz!

    Thanks for the opinions!
  12. The black one is awesome! You'll get more wear out of it than a yellow one.
  13. Good choice with the blue:tup:..I think it wil make a nice but not too loud fashion statement...especially when your wardrobe consist mainly of neutrals..
    post pics please!
  14. just ordered the yellow one. thanks, OP =)

  15. I agree - out of the two colours (i.e. excluding practical and flattering black!), blue would be my choice, too. :yes: