Colored Lapano?

  1. oh dear. I've tried these on in black, but what fun these would be. If Saks can get them in this weekend, I think I might splurge and get a pair.
    What are your thoughts? They do run a bit small, but they look like so much fun!
  2. i know what u mean!! I'd love to get a pair but cant decide what color!
  3. I love CL's colored patent. If I had to choose, I would vote for the blue!
  4. I want one in every color LOL! Of course, NM only got black :sad:
  5. I wish these had been made in plain black leather, I can't do patent!
  6. I don't like the colored patent Lapanos at all. There are too many trends going on for my liking. Between the bright patent, and the zipper with the tab, to the hidden platform, they are just too busy.

    The trends that this shoe combines are hot now, but in a season or two, I think this style would end up relegated to the back of the closet.
  7. These run a size to a size and a half small based upon my experience. Unfortunately size 42 is as high as they go and I think a 42 was best for a size 9.5 to 10...instead of the usual size 11.
  8. i want them in grey suede. or that dark blue in suede. i found a pair on but they dnt ship to london :sad:
  9. I don't think manufacturers are at all consistent in Euro/US size conversions, especially in the larger sizes. Just in my own experience, I've seen the following equivalents used:

    US 10=Euro 40 (fairly common now)
    US 10=Euro 41 (used to be standard, still used sometimes)
    US 10=Euro 42.5 (only saw it once, but boy, was it comfortable!:nuts:

    US 11=Euro 41 (used by those who call 10 a 40)
    US 11=Euro 43 (wonder what happened to 42 as an 11?)

    US 12=Euro 42, 44, and 45 (skipped 43?)

    I'll bet there are even more out there, too!
  10. It really depends on the designer and even then each designer is not consistent so I never pay attention to the Euro size...I have to try them on to really know. Each style of CL varies in fit so you can't set your mind on the fact that you always fit a certain size in CL. There are some CL threads where people have listed which CL styles run small or large for reference. I am an 11 and am usually a 42 in most CL styles. The 42 Lapano was 1 to 1.5 too small and the Cha Cha/Fringe style runs 1 size too big so I can fit a 41. So you really have try on CLs.
  11. i posted the ones i like before...i like the blue suede and the camel leather. i think they would be more practical and would last past this season. the patent bright colors are fun, though...
  12. the blue suede is beautiful.. im torn, i just bought the alicette, im not sure if i should keep them or exchange them for the lapono ?