colored jeans

  1. I am just getting onboard with coloured jeans......I know, late bloomer. Of course I'm not able to decide which colour. Which ones do you like
  2. All gorgeous colors.

    I LOVE colored jeans. I got a nice RED one, i wanted more but i tend to wear shorts more were i live. So, i bought more midi shorts jeans from AE instead, i got them in all pop colors.
  3. I just bought two pair, one fucshia and the other bright orange. Cant wait to pair and wear them! I still want a nice blue and red pair tho....
  4. I just bought a pair of Micheal Micheal Kors in Iris
  5. loving the colored jeans - loving pic 2 and 3 combo best
  6. Wore my red pair today! I also have peach, mint and orange - love colored jeans
  7. Blue and red are a must!!!
  8. Thanks girls. I was thinking blue and red also.
  9. I am liking the yellow and red ones.
  10. love them-i just bought a red pair and emerald green pair -looking forward to wear now and in fall-
  11. After swearing I would never get in on this trend the first time it came around (a few years ago when I was in high school) I recently got lilac coloured Paige denim ones and I love them!
  12. It's okay, I'm late to hop on the bandwagon as too. Better late than never :p

    My favourite are pale pastel turquoise/teal ones :biggrin:
  13. I have a pair in mint and one in light and dark pink. I really like lavender too.
  14. I love them all and own almost every color out there. I really love the red, green and yellow.
  15. Definitely red. Love, love, love my red ones! I also just got a pair of highlighter yellow pants--can't wait to try them out!