Colored gemstones....underrated and who loves them?

  1. Love all of them! Rubies, amethyst, topaz, sapphires of all colors, citrines, tourmaline, etc!!! I even prefer it more than diamonds now! If DH had given me one for an engagement ring I wouldnt have complained:graucho:. But why isnt it popular as an engagement piece? They are semi-precious stones too and cost like 1/20 the price of a diamond, and are prettier IMO especially when set with the tiniest diamonds.
  2. Its really because,as testament of time will show,that diamonds have the supreme wearing ability and longevity far and away above any other gem material.There is a scale of hardness called the Mohs Scale from one to ten.Its not a sliding scale of equal increments,Diamond is at ten,corundum,the group that encompasses Ruby and Sapphire is at nine.The difference in hardness in the two separate gems is diamond is 140 times harder than corundum!! I have seen 50 year old sapphires with all the top facets abraded,showing wear,yet a diamond many,many years in advance of that age can look as pristine as the day it was cut. So diamonds have become the ultimate symbol of everlasting love and there colorlessness represents the purity of true love!!! And of course as they are pretty much the most expensive they represent the proposers seriousness of intent!
  3. Oh my I'm really learning a lot now! Thanks Chaz! Disregard my statement that they are a lot cheaper than diamonds because Ive seen a lot of pieces in shops that are ridiculously expensive too! I saw a plain blue topaz set in a gold band at Cartier that cost around $5,000!:cursing: And the stone wasnt even huge!!! Some jewellers will always claim that they are rare and all that. My jeweller has some pretty pieces like spinel and tanzanite that cost around $10,000 or more!!! The world has gone mad!!! LOL
  4. I read somewhere that color stone for er is more common in Europe. My favorite stone is ruby. When DH and I shopped for my er, I opted for a 2 carat oval Burmese ruby with rb diamonds encircling the stone and around the band. BUT the in-laws did not approve and so he bought me a diamond er. :s Now after more than a decade of marriage, I'm looking for my ruby. :yahoo:
  5. Hahahahaha!!! You are like a little sponge!!! The more I tell you,you are ready to soak up more!!!! I adore your enthusiasm!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. I do find good rubies just THE most delicious color,and very fine clear ones are just truly mouthwatering!!!! Stuff the in-laws,I hope that after all this time you get your hearts desire and you get your Ruby.Xxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Ya I noticed some women in europe with colored ER stones when dh and I were there 5 years ago. Thought I saw a pic of princess Diana once with a blue sapphire ring too:confused1:

    Go find that ruby!!! The color speaks of love love love!!!! And is gorgeous!!!
  8. i upgraded to a pink sapphire e-ring from a diamond. i would love another diamond some day.....but i also want a house, kids, a 401K plan, an education, etc. etc. etc. the type of diamond that appeals to me just isn't in the plans right i would rather get something else i find just as beautiful. i get a ton of compliments on it because it's so uncommon. i love it.

    here's a picture. one should never miss a chance to show off something they love. :love:
  9. I love pink sapphires!!! I love all sapphires! LOL Lucky you!!! Your ring is making me :drool:
  10. I love them....
    I am not a fan of diamonds, so gemstones are my favorite....
  11. There are a lot of colored gemstones that are so pretty. I don't like bold-colored (fortunately, usually the most expensive ones) like rubies and emeralds. I prefer pretty pastels like peridots, aquamarines, pink and yellow sapphires, etc.

    But I still like diamonds the best! ;)
  12. Princess Diana had a huge, gorgeous blue sapphire for her engagement ring!:smile:
  13. I love Diamonds, Tanzanite, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphires.... and thats about it. I have a friend with an Amathyst ER w/ diamonds as accents and it is GORGEOUS!!
  14. thanks for confirming that! Wasnt sure if it was a blue sapphire! it was stunning!

  15. I agree with you! Tanzanite is such a beautiful stone. I've wanted a diamond and tanzanite pendant forever.

    I think the next gemstone I'll acquire will be a ruby and diamond eternity or three-stone ring. We've looked around a little bit so hopefully for Christmas I'll get it.

    I'd also love to have a beautiful amethyst pendant.