Colored eyeliner?

  1. Does anyone use it?

    I'm getting a little sick of boring black, brown, and gray, so I'm deciding to take a jump and use colors.

    I have brown eyes, skin that's on the tan side, and dark brown hair, so what colors would be best?​
  2. Maybe a pretty green color??
  3. green is good. i also have brown eyes, and brown hair..
  4. Blue accentuates brown eyes best.
  5. Try an eggplant color.
  6. ^ Yeah, purple looks amazing on brown eyes!
  7. YES!
  8. I just bought the new blue and olive color from MAC. Didn't think I'd ever wear colored eyeliner, but I love it!
  9. Plum or deep green would be gorgeous!
  10. I agree with the above posts. Purple or green would look beautiful on brown eyes.
  11. Purple ^-^
  12. purple, blue or torquoise would be good for you.
    i like to line my eyes in gold.
  13. Alright so purple/plum/eggplant??

    Gotcha! Any recommended brands?
  14. MAC has a new eggplant's pretty.
  15. Bourjois Prune Styliste liquid eyeliner is great. They also have an eye pencil called Praline that is like a brownish/purple that is nice if you want to try to get used to the color first.